MicroWorkers.com – Where Micro Jobs Are Listed

  • February 25, 2010

MicroWorkers.comA new site, Micro Workers is devoted to listing “micro jobs,” IE small jobs that need to be done. These are not only small jobs in terms of effort or time that you have to dedicate to them in order to complete them, but the payment associated with is also a small one.

It is interesting to note, though, that each one of these jobs takes only 1 to 10 minutes at the most to be completed. Theoretically speaking, you could do plenty of jobs in the same day and end up earning a somehow substantial income and a decent payout.

Some of the jobs that are listed on the site include asking people to leave comments and ratings on sites like YouTube, marking posts on sites like Digg and tweeting about any service or product.

The approach is definitely interesting, and people who have schedules that have noticeable time gaps between one activity and the other are certainly going to relish having the chance to make some quick money.

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