Chirbit.com – A Simple Way To Share Audio Clips

  • July 3, 2009

Chirbit.comChirbit can be defined as web-based application that lets users not only record audio files easily but also share them quite effortlessly. Some of the many uses that Chirbit can be easily put to include micropodcasts, quoting others and even love confessions.

I personally wouldn’t do the latter, but in today’s technological world things like that are rapidly becoming the norm. The same goes for apologizing to other this way – again, I think that should be done in person. But each individual knows best.

A recent update has made the service compatible with iPhones. Now, iPhone Voice Memos can be employed to post to Chirbit, effectively enabling the user to micro-podcast in a mobile setting.

Otherwise, you will need a microphone or a webcam in order to use this service from your desktop computer. In any case, an account must be created. The process is painless, and it simply entails picking a username and a password to go with it. There are no fees or expenses to be paid.

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