MicroJob.co – Be Paid For Your Social Activity

  • September 4, 2010

MicroJob.coMicroJob is a social advertising network. The site makes it possible for employers and employees to connect and complete small jobs.

Employees can leave comments, like what has been posted, become fans and follow others, create and upload media… and they are being paid when they do that by the employer. Employees can also be asked to write articles, and promote the employer’s blog or site.

All of these jobs are incredibly easy to do, of course – MicroJob offers users a source of income that is perfectly suited to the current state of the WWW, in which social interaction has become a daily activity. Everybody will be able to do the jobs that are requested here for the simple reason that the activities in question are something they have probably been doing for a long time themselves. The difference is that now they are going to get paid for doing it all.

Also, the fact that employees can filter the notifications they will receive will let them pick the jobs they feel comfortable doing. In that sense, the site is sure to tailor to each person more than minutely. And no interview and no resume are required at all. MicroJobs is a site open to just everybody, regardless of their actual experience.

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