StartAdCenter.com – Microsoft’s Online Advertising

  • February 23, 2008

StartAdCenter.comAdCenter is one of Microsoft’s online advertising solutions: a web-based app that allows users to design a campaign, create text ads and import keywords. In order to start using this service, users have to pay a starter fee of $5, and set their monthly budget, and how much they are willing to pay for each click their ad receives.

The system seems to be working only for the US and Canada, both in English and French language versions. Users can create dynamic keywords to adjust to several search words typed in the search engine, and they can even get help from the site about what the best approach to writing these text ads is. Also, when tying to write down the keywords, users can get help from the system, which can scan a site for its keywords. After that’s done, they’ll need to indicate their monthly advertising budget and how much they want to pay per individual click (the budget gets evenly distributed during the month, and the higher the click rate is, the largest the chances that the ad will appear in a more visible place in the site). Using the site is very easy, especially if you have already thought of how you want your campaign to be deployed, but with more and more skepticism over pay per click and text ad systems, one has certain doubts about the success of the AdCenter. StartAdCenter.com

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