Outspark.com – Virtual Playground

  • November 18, 2008

Outspark.comOutspark is an entertainment services company that publishes and operates engaging online multiplayer games. Featuring a portfolio of immersive free-to-play games and related content, the company is building an online destination where members come for the games and stay for the community.

Backed by Tencent, Altos Ventures, and DCM, Outspark is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with a subsidiary office in Seoul, Korea. The company’s free to play, micro-transaction supported games are providing a new way for gamers of all ages and and interest levels to easily access fun, multiplayer, high quality, and highly serviced games for free; while allowing them to pay in small increments for items that are both tied to game play or for vanity purposes. This allows them to cultivate a large audience and service IP.

Outspark is focused on servicing experience and enabling the community. It changes the way users experience gaming and how publisher service content. The comapny has content as well as item updates weekly, providing thousands of items, and running daily and weekly events. Outspark is building a virtual playground that will include games of different genres and will enable the community to interact through the portal.


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