Micro.iList.com – Classifieds In 140 Characters

  • April 22, 2009

Micro.iList.comAs you can probably tell, iList Micro is nothing but a service which takes the micro-sharing approach and applies it to iList, the classifieds website that we reviewed here in KillerStartups some time


The dynamics of the site are as straightforward as you can imagine.

You simply have to send a tweet which includes either a “#iwant” or a “#ihave” hashtag, and the corresponding text. Shortened URLs can be included as part of the message in order to give others a better idea of what it is you want to sell, and link to videos or other related reference media such as reviews and so forth.

One of the best features of this service is that there is an automatic matching functionality that will let you come across those who are offering or looking for items that you are either offering or seeking yourself.

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ReportingOn.com – Twitter For Journalists

  • March 20, 2009

ReportingOn.comA service that goes by a suitable name, ReportingOn is a platform that gives journalists a micro-sharing platform. The basic aim is to let any journalist find colleagues in order to collaborate together and exchange both opinion and insight.

Users can find others who are researching similar stories, while they can also introduce themselves to better-established professionals and form bonds this way.

The messages that are sent through this service revolve around a specific question: “What are you reporting on?”. As it is said online, the system is open to everybody – bloggers, local reporters and major news anchors are duly accounted for. Signing up is not only free but also an entirely hassle-free process, since all you are requested to furnish is your e-mail address while picking a screen name and a password.

On the whole, ReportingOn is a platform for journalists by journalists. If you publish news at a relatively stable print or online spot, and are doing original reporting, then consider wending your way to this site. You are likely to find yourself in good company.

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Photomemo.jp – Micro-sharing For Pictures

  • January 30, 2009

Photomemo.jpMicro-sharing is considered one of the most significant concepts as of late, and 2009 is deemed by many punters and industry experts as the year Twitter will become truly widespread. Of course, Twitter is not the one and only modality of micro-sharing that exists, but it is the service which we associate with the concept more readily if only because it is the one used by most people.

It is interesting, then, to take a look at other micro-sharing services, if only because we will have a better understanding of the concept as a whole by realizing how the premise can be applied to other areas.

That is the case with this startup that hails from the Land of the Rising Sun. It is a micro-sharing service whereby users can upload the pictures that they take with their mobile devices and share them with peers and acquaintances instantly. When doing so, they can also put location data on their photos. This is possible as long as their mobiles can handle GPS data, of course.

When it comes to signing up for the service, OpenID is supported, so that anybody can join in the photographic action right away. You are advised to do so in the event you are looking for a better umbrella knowledge of the world of micro-sharing and its many possible ramifications.

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Twtpets.com – Finding The Cutest Pets

  • January 27, 2009

Twtpets.comTwtpets can be defined as an online game which is geared towards pet lovers, and which is carried out in a micro-sharing fashion. In principle, users submit a picture of their mascots and tell everybody why they are so cute.

Pets are then paired and voted upon by other members of the online community. The eventual aim is to find out who has the cutest pet around.

When uploading a picture, you must make sure that the same does not exceed the 2 MB limit at play. Remember to click on the corresponding pet category from the ones on offer, too.

These are the nuts and bolts of this system. A “Sample Battle” is included for illustrative purposes, but like the other products that the TwtApps fellows have put out recently, the focus is on providing a solution which is easy to use and even easier to get to grips with. If you like Twitter and have a soft spot for pets, consider wending your way to the URL provided below in order to either cast your vote or making a submission of your own.

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CitySpeek.com – Move Over Twitter

  • January 22, 2009

CitySpeek.comCitySpeek is a new web service that is best-defined as a communication portal that follows on the micro-sharing approach popularized by Twitter. The one difference is that CitySpeek has built-in picture and video integration, effectively making for a more realized experience from the word go.

Furthermore, this new messaging system includes an option for creating and joining groups, so that it is possible to keep things as private or public as one wishes.

The main page will give you a good representation of the way this system works, and it will also showcase the way postings are categorized. That is another interesting feature – you can post within a given category from the ones on offer. These include “Event”, “Overheard” and “For Sale” among several others.

This new service can be tried for free without any kind of limitation whatsoever. If you are dissatisfied with Twitter and are looking for alternatives, just create an account and see where does it stand for you, and whether or not it can pose a threat to the micro-blogging giant.

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oo5.WhatImInto.com – Micro Reviews On The Web

  • January 21, 2009

oo5.WhatImInto.comOut of Five is a new service that enables anybody to review things he likes such as movies and concerts in a micro-blogging fashion – IE, adhering to a specific limit of characters and keeping things as concise and right-to-the-point as he can.

The reviews, then, rarely exceed one line of text.

The one and only accompaniment is the rating which the user submits.

As far as the visualization of data is concerned, the main page lists the one items that have attracted the most attention, and the latest reviews are provided for you to have a good overall appreciation along with a suitable image (IE, a movie poster when it comes to current blockbusters, and so forth). The 5.0 ratings achieved so far are also showcased.

As you can see, the system as a whole is nothing but a development of the well-known Twitter formula, put to a specific task. If you think you can make a contribution to such an initiative, make a point of dropping by the site. The same applies if you are looking for fresh reviews that follow a concise formula.

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