SplashCast.net – Content Syndication For The Social Web

  • December 11, 2008

SplashCast.netA new service for the syndication of content within the social web, SplashCast makes the creation and distribution of embeddable micro-channels an easy task. These micro-channels are meant to be enjoyed and shared by users, and to let content be effectively syndicated across social network sites and related resources.

As it is propounded online, such a solution allows brands to reach and engage specific audiences right where they spend the most time, and deliver contents that these individuals are certain to be interested in.

A micro-channel can be created at the site after signing up for an account, a process that is quite straightforward in itself. Once this has been dealt with, you will be able to use the SplashCast Console and see if you can come up with a potential goldmine.

It can’t be denied that social sites have opened up a whole new set of angles as regards online monetization of contents. If you are interested in seeing if you can find your very own revenue there, a visit to this site is certain to provide you some food for thought.

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