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  • June 30, 2008

Michaelmasterson.netMichaelmasterson.net is the official website of Michael Masterson, an American motivational author who helps and gives advice on how to be successful in your business and personal life.

He has 45 years of experience in business, with an immense entrepreneurial experience. During his life he has been a Peace Corps volunteer and has started or co-started dozens of successful businesses. Here you can learn everything about him and his life. Also, you can find out everything about his books and you can even buy them online. All his latest news are posted here along with all his upcoming events. The site also features related articles and materials, which are updated constantly. In case you want to stay updated with all the latest form Michael Masterson, here you can get a free subscription to his email newsletter. Finally, in case you want to send him a message, a question, a comment, or a complaint, here you can find all his contact information. Michaelmasterson.net

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