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The Quest To Code By The Non-Techie Explorer

I always pictured myself a “follow your dreams” kind of parent, but I have come to realize that I should add a “but first learn to code” disclosure. It is blindly apparent how important technology is, and if you know how to build technology, even the basics, well that’s just pure gold.       But not all of us fancy ourselves the tech-type, though that doesn’t stop us from having big ideas and frustrations about building...

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Interview With Code Avengers Founder Michael Walmsley On The Importance of People

So coding is not necessarily the most riveting activity to learn.  And, that’s exactly why Michael Walmsley, founded Code Avengers, the coding tutorial site that is actually fun. We caught up with Michael to learn about his CA brainstorm sessions, how he manages to be both developer and PhD student (no biggie) and where he had his last “Wow” moment.     Tell us a little more about Code Avengers I was trying to get my...

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