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How To Overcome The Hurdles Of Nomadic Entrepreneurship

Question: What’s one big hurdle that you had to overcome in your quest to becoming a nomadic entrepreneur and how did you do it? by The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)       Realigning Is Hard “If you’re running a business before you start traveling, chances are you’ll have to scale it down a bit before you can hit the open road. This was a tough concept for me, as my business was big and growing, and...

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The Young Leader’s Reader: Seven Books For Better Leadership

Effective leadership is always the crucial ingredient in making a startup idea into a profitable business. To be an effective leader you must stay enlightened and inspired by the strategies and experiences of those that have been shaping the markets of tomorrow. To get yourself up to speed, grab some old-school technology and bring a book to the beach this summer. It’s better than sand in your Kindle.     When the...

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