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  • July 10, 2010

MessengerFinder.comMessenger Finder can be deemed as a good alternative to sites like Chat Roulette. It is not that something like Messenger Finder is “better” or “worse”, it is just that it will let you find someone to talk with in a more controlled way.

The site is made up of a search tool that will let you find someone to talk to by setting down a lot of criteria. You can specify both the gender and the intended country of origin of your partner, and also make it clear what it is you are looking for. The options you have in that case are “Friend”, “Love” and “Either”. You can also set down the age range that would appeal to you, and (if you want) you can choose that only people with a specific IM type be connected with you.

So, to all intent and purposes this is a bit like a more controllable version of Chat Roulette. That doesn’t mean you will have an experience that is free from the content that surfaces when using the mega-popular Russian chat, but the chances of something disgusting cropping up are somehow minimized.

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