More – Tell People How Special They Are

  • March 20, 2012

WYAH.comWe always believe we’ll be here tomorrow. And so do our loved ones. But the truth might be drastically different from that. Maybe when we wake up tomorrow some people will be gone from our lives for good. And the most horrible of feelings will come over us as we realize we never got to tell them how special they were. Well, this new site is here to prevent that from happening. W-YAH (short for “While You Are Here”) is a social media site of its very own. It lets you create rich messages that are delivered to those you care about the most.

A W-YAH message is made up of several sections where you can tell the person who’s receiving it why he or she is so special to you. These include “I’ll never forget…”, “I like…” and “I love…”. The idea is to let you touch on all the events and experiences that have made the recipient grow closer to your heart as time went by.

This service is available for free, and just in case you need to see an example the site lists all the most recent W-YAHs on its homepage. The concept of W-YAHs is simplicity in itself, but if you have any doubts then I’m sure they’ll be gone when you look at any of the featured examples.

And if you like what you see, you can subscribe to the site and start receiving the best W-YAHs on a weekly email. Which is a great idea, actually. Uplifting content like that is all you could ever need to start the day on the right foot.

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More – Receive Mails On Your Phone

  • March 16, 2012

MailBliss.comWhat if you could give your phone an email address, and check all your new messages without having to even open your email inbox? That’s what this new service lets you do. It lets you create an email address that is going to be associated wit your mobile, and any email that is sent to that address will be received as a text message.

In order to use this service, all you’ve got to do is to choose your mobile email address and supply your phone details (full number and carrier). Your phone will be ready to start receiving emails right there and then.

Note that if you know your phone’s SMS address then you can supply that instead of its number. And when it comes to the domain component of your MailBliss address, it’s worth mentioning that six are actually available: “”, “”, “”, “”, “” and “”.

No fees are charged by MailBliss for providing this mail to phone service. You’ll get your email address and link it to your phone at no cost. Standard text message rates may apply, but the MailBliss team itself won’t charge you anything for its services.

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More – Record Voice Messages

  • January 26, 2012

uWhisp.comHow long will it be before tweeting and posting status updates on Facebook becomes a thing of the past, and we have a new way of telling others how we’re feeling? If the people who have created uWhisp have their way, that would be very soon. uWhisp is a new social application that lets you record audio messages on specific websites that can then be played by all the people who come after you. These messages can be recorded using the provided Chrome extension, and once they’ve been recorded they’ll be hosted on a URL of their own. You can then spread these messages as much as you want, just by sharing these URLs with all of your friends and contacts.

In this way, this new service makes it simpler for you to tell others how you’re feeling about anything that’s happened to you, or about any video or story that you’ve come across online. Of course, there are settings in which playing an audio message can be unpractical, even when using headphones. If you want to check your friends’ social updates as discreetly as possible when you’re at the office, suddenly slipping your headphones in would make those who’re near look at you. But that’s just one context. All things considered, it’s nice to have the option to share how you feel (and learn how others are feeling) in ways that are more personalized and expressive than simple text updates.

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More – Social Site For Sports Fans

  • January 25, 2012

Fancloud.comTwitter has always made it easy for sports fans to connect with each other, and bash/praise all the teams in the leagues they follow. And now, Fancloud makes it even easier. And a lot more rewarding, too. This new platform brings together sports fans and professional sports writers, and it lets them interact with each other as if they were all in the same room. Messages are aggregated into a fancloud where just everybody can see what’s being said about his favorite players, and put his two cents in. All in all, Fancloud aggregates more than 10,000 tweets from experts alone each day.

And I said that the site’s more rewarding than other communication platforms because it lets you compete for free tickets and other giveaways. And just by checking-in to any game you’re attending you can interact directly with fans at home.

Along with DirectSnap, Fancloud is undoubtedly one of the cleverest Twitter-powered sites for sports fans you can find online. Give it a try – you can join the site and start messaging others just by signing in with your Twitter account.

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More – Share Your Secrets

  • January 12, 2012

Whispero.comWhat if you could network with people without having to reveal any kind of personal information? What if you could message others without having to disclose your email, or even your name? Would that give you the freedom to say things you usually wouldn’t say to anybody on a site like Facebook? Or would the fact of not really knowing who’s listening on the other side keep you from using the service at all?

It looks like we’re about to find it out, as Whispero is a site that lets you do exactly that. It lets you chat with other people without even disclosing who you are. All the people who interact on this site do it anonymously. You won’t have to sign in using your e-mail address, you won’t have to reveal your phone number. You won’t have to sign in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Others would never know it’s you who are online, unless you choose to reveal some personally-identifiable information when chatting.

I think by now you know whether this is a service you would use or not. I guess those of you who do will mainly use Whispero to make catharsis, and rage against your bosses and colleagues. Which is just fine, although there are sites like FMyBoss and BitterBuzz that have been created specifically to let you do that.

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More – Messages For When You Are Gone

  • January 6, 2012

MyTimelessMessage.comMy Timeless Message is one of these platforms that let you have messages scheduled for when you’re gone. As a user of this service, you’ll be able to leave wills, greetings and your best wishes behind for all the people in your life. You might think that services like this one are mainly focused at people who are diagnosed with terminal illnesses, but there’s more to these services than that. They are actually useful for people leading healthy lives who are concerned-enough about the welfare of their loved ones if something came to happen to them. If you’re one such person, you can schedule to have your advice delivered to your sons and daughters when they reach important milestones like graduating or getting married, just in case something happens and you aren’t around by that time.

My Timeless Message is a service that you can use for free to begin with, although if you want to have more storage than just 200 MB and to have your messages delivered farther ahead than 1 year then you’ll have to register for any of the two premium accounts on offer. These are “Silver” and “Gold”, and they are billed $45.95 and $99.95. The “Silver” plan gives you 500 MB of storage and it lets you send your messages as far ahead as you want, while the “Gold” account gives you unlimited everything.

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More – Interact With Customers Via SMS

  • January 5, 2012

GetSeconds.comSeconds is a real time messaging and mobile commerce platform that lets your customers interact with you more directly than ever. Seconds makes it possible for you to handle all kind of communications (including orders and inquiries) and mobile payments via text messages. You (as the merchant) get to monitor everything using a simple dashboard where all interactions are brought together. You will be able to see each customer’s full history whenever he places an order, and at the end of it all the customer will be able to rate his experience.

These ratings will then become displayed on your dashboard, and with that information in full sight it’s very easy to figure out which aspects of your service are to be bettered.

Of course, being able to see the past history of consumers also makes it much easier for them to place their orders. Any returning customer can simply send you a SMS that reads “I’ll have what I had last time, please”, and that’ll be his order placed and perfectly understood.

Seconds costs $50 per month, and during the first month the service can be tried to the full without having to pay anything.

And giving the Seconds blog a look is certainly advisable, specially if the whole concept of making your business go mobile is all new to you, and you want to avoid making all the obvious mistakes.

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More – Make Plans With Friends

  • January 5, 2012

Saambaa.comAvailable at no cost for iOS and Android, Saambaa makes it dead simple to do things with your friends. We can define it as a planning tool that works on your mobile, and that lets you send full plans to all of your friends, regardless of them having the app installed or not. They’ll get the plan you’ve made as an ordinary text message, detailing where it is you want the whole gang to meet, and at which time. Everybody will be able to confirm attendance just be replying to the message you’ve sent through the app. You and all the other people who have been invited will get everybody’s else reply.

Saambaa is the latest in a long series of apps that include ShareWhere and WhereBerry, and that aim to turn technology into something that drives people closer, not far apart. And no person who tries any of these apps (they’re all available for free) could say they fail to make it easier for friends to connect and get together.

Plus, there’s no denying how appealing they are for promoters, either. They create a faster, more powerful form of word of mouth. Promoters don’t need to hire dozens of people to start creating some serious buzz. Just a handful of well-chosen individuals will be enough to promote your event or party, and put it in everybody’s lips.

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More – Create Love Messages

  • December 23, 2011

ILoveYouBills.comSpread some loving around this Christmas with the help of a service like I Love You Bills. This site lets those who are not really that good when it comes to expressing their feelings find the best words to tell others how much they mean to them. And although the service is mainly used when dates such as St. Valentine’s come around, I seem to think that I Love You Bills is going to come in handy for any time in which all you want to do is telling others how wonderful and lovable they are. And Christmas certainly is such a time.

On this site, you are helped in the actual writing process of your love messages, and once you have every word in place then you can have the message delivered to your recipient via US Mail. No emails or faxes here, your loved one is getting a card with your words of affection on it. And that is but making your message even more impressive, of course. Such is the power of messages that are conveyed physically instead of digitally.

You’ll be billed according to how long your message is, and on top of that you’ll have to pay $5 for shipping and postage costs.

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More – Make Free Calls

  • December 14, 2011

Forfone.comAvailable for iOS and Android, Forfone is new VoIP platform that you can use to get in touch with your friends, no matter in which part of the world they are staying. If you all get the app, you’ll be able to call each other, and also to send as many text messages and photos as you want. The app is free to download and install, and there’s no fees to pay for the calls you make, or the SMSes and pictures that you send out. And it’s also possible to call people who are outside of the Forfone network. That would currently cost you 1.9 cents.

And Forfone is also an interesting platform in the sense that you can use it without having to sign up for an account, or sign in via any other service. The only thing you need to do in order to become a Forfone user is to download the app, and tell all your friends to get it too so that you all can talk free of charge.

Those of you who live in Europe can, however, get 100 free minutes for calling landlines if you sign in using your phone number. As of the time of writing this review, this service is available to people in the following countries: Spain, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

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More – Simple Office Chat

  • December 8, 2011

CDMessenger.comTesting out this new application is a good idea if you’ve been thinking and thinking of ways to have a more productive team, and nothing came. Well, CD Messenger is going to let you work on one of the key aspects of any office, namely that of communication. By getting CD Messenger, you’ll be giving all your employees a chat application that’s going to be used only by them. CD Messenger is a chat system that keeps all possible distractions well away. Only those who work within your office will be using it. The chances of any employee being interrupted by a friend who doesn’t remember at which time they are meant to meet later that same day, and who should bring something to drink and who should bring something to eat are minimized as much as possible.

And as it was only fit, CD Messenger lets you start group conversations. You can have your whole office become part of these, and people can be added/removed as you go along.

Plus, CD Messenger comes with some features that enhance communication even more, such as the ability to use sticky notes, and a reminder system for events. And to-do lists can be created and shared with all those who should see them, too.

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More – Connect With Your Love

  • December 6, 2011

TheIceBreak.comDon’t let the routine take a toll on your relationship, use a service like The Ice Break in order to keep everything fresh and exciting. This new social site for couples is going to let you connect with your significant other in a way that’s always fun and engaging. As a user of The Ice Break you can answer questions that are related to your couple, and you can also use a feature named “Capture today’s moment”, and share pictures of anything that amazes you over the course of the day with your other half.

This is all done privately, with only you and your partner seeing what’s being shared. But if you want to share what makes your relationship unique with the world, then that can also be done. You can share all your media and messages with other Ice Break users. But when doing so, you can withhold your identity (and your couple’s) so that people will never know who the messages they’re reading belong to. They’ll juts get a glimpse into the lives of people who’re really happy.

The Ice Break is the newest tool that aims to improve communication within a relationship. There’s not a lot of these around, really (I can only think of two other ones: BeCouply and Tokii), and at a time in which couples connect more and more via their mobiles and social sites, these are the kind of services that never go amiss.

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More – Post Messages By Location

  • November 4, 2011

SkyChalk.comA geo-location service that lets people post messages to be read by those who are nearby, SkyChalk is great for these times you find yourself at any kind of public event. A service like SkyChalk lets you connect with people who are attending the very same concert you’re attending, for example, and discuss all that’s happening onstage with folks sitting at the other end of the auditorium. And the same can be said about any match you’re attending – you’ll get to discuss every play that ended in a dubious fault, and see everything through the eyes of people who were sitting somewhere else in the same arena

Of course, you can also use a service like this one to find cool places to head to when you find yourself in any city that’s all new to you for the first time. And a service like SkyChalk is also coming handy when you’re looking for a place to rent. Geo-located messages like the ones you can post on this site will make your search a whole lot smoother.

And just in case you want to, SkyChalk lets you post messages anonymously. Useful for those who want to use the site to make their crush on someone public, without having to give just everything away.

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More – Secure Online Conversations

  • November 2, 2011

Dialawg.comNobody would say you’re paranoid if you admit to never revealing certain information when using a chat, or when videoconferencing. There’s certain professional data that just by falling into the wrong hands could put you out of business before you even know. And letting you share that kind of information securely online is what is here for. Dialawg is a conversation platform for professionals. It aims to give such people a context where the most sensitive of data can be shared, both quickly and safely.

If you use this service, you’ll be able to have messages and critical files exchanged in interactive conversations that are named “Dialawgs”. These let you drag and drop anything that you want from your desktop into the app. Everything will be encrypted, and only the person you’re sending your files to will be able to see what you’re sharing.

And as far as tracking your conversations is concerned, you can have access to minute-by-minute audit report that let you see who said what, when, and exactly who was reading it. You can go as far as to compare up to six document revisions at the same time.

Dialawgs can be accessed from iPhones, iPads and Blackberries. Basic features are free, and paid plans start at $24/month. There’s two of them – “Lite” and “Pro”. They come with larger storage and participants, as well as with support for much longer conference calls.

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More – Send Video Messages

  • October 25, 2011

Keek.comWhat’s the point in writing things out when you can be sending videos instead? That’s the point the ones who’ve created this new service are trying to make. And you know, I’m inclined to believe that many are going to listen. After all, it’s not as if you had to own a thousand-dollar camera just to get a clip together nowadays. Even humble mobile phones can shoot above-average videos. So, the release of a service like Keek makes a lot of sense.

Keek is a social networking site that lets you tell the world how you’re feeling using videos. Instead of just writing a short update that goes “On the beach watching a red sky. Wish you were here!”, you can shot a small video showing the sky, and then a heart you’ve drawn on the sand with the name of your missed one inside. I think nobody would question the emotional impact this can have when pitched against a tweet, IE, a simple message where characters are at a premium.

The videos you can share on this site must not be longer than 36 seconds, and they can be shot using webcams, iPhones and Android phones. They can be shared with a minimum of fuss, as after having logged in to the site you can have a “keek” shared with all of your contacts in little less than a minute.

Keek is quite similar to Tout, although it has a far more developed social side to it – on Keek, users can follow each other as if they were on Twitter And all the more popular clips of the day are found on the homepage, just like YouTube highlights the most popular videos of the past 24 hours.

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More – Turn Messages Into Videos

  • October 22, 2011

Vizlingo.comWhat if you could turn each and every promotional message that you send into a short animated video? Would it make your marketing campaigns more memorable? Or would it be distracting, and have a negative impact on it all? I don’t know what you think, but I’m sure we agree having a service that could do such a thing would be really cool, and we all would try it out at least once, to see how it works. Well, Vizlingo is exactly that service.

On Vizlingo, you can type any message as you would do when sending an email or a tweet, and have all the words there turned into pieces of an animation. And you have full control over what’s going to be shown, actually – you can use your own media, and illustrate what’s being created.

Once the animation is ready, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter and any site where customers could see it. And there’s no reason why you wouldn?t use Vizlingo to create videos for conveying personal information better. Far from it – Vizlingo will let you make any travel story come really alive, imagine just how quickly you can give a visual dimension to any place you’re mentioning.

Registration to the site costs nothing, it’s over in less than 15 seconds, and you can animate as many messages as you want.

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More – Panic Button For Your Mobile

  • October 14, 2011

SafetyGrid.netA panic button for iPhones and iPads, SafetyGrid is the kind of service that’s always advisable to have around, especially when one has got a busy schedule and can’t be with his children and older relatives at all times of day. By downloading and installing the provided application, anybody can send out a distress message merely by tapping a big button. This will be sent out to his emergency contacts, and when one of these acknowledges the message then the screen of the mobile is going to change to let the user know about it.

And the people receiving the distress message will be pointed to a personalized website in which the exact GPS location of the one who holds the iPhone is accurately shown.

Pushing the SafetyGrid button does all of the following:

1) Send a SMS text message.

2) Send an e-mail message.

3) Create a Facebook post.

4) Create a personalized automated phone call with automatic audio conference.

With so many angles already covered, there’s just no way an emergency contact could fail to take notice of what’s going on.

By default, SafetyGrid allows users to nominate up to five different emergency contacts. These can be people who are already part of their address books, or individuals that they’ve chosen to add as emergency contacts from scratch.

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More – Send Longer Tweets

  • September 3, 2011

FiberTweet.comThere are times in which 140 characters aren’t enough to convey how you’re feeling, and no amount of rewording the message to be sent could change that. And you badly want to send the message through Twitter because you know that such is the context where more people could read it. And the more people who learn about something which is troubling you, then the more people who could offer to lend a hand. Only a browser add-on like this one could help you out in such cases. FiberTweet enables you both to send and read longer tweets right on your browser, and it enables you to do so at no cost whatsoever. This add-on can be installed by just anybody, and Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari are all supported to the same extent.

And it’s interesting to mention that people who haven’t installed FiberTweet are also allowed to access the messages which are being sent. That’s accomplished by clicking on the shortened links that are automatically generated.

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More – Record A Posthumous Message

  • August 24, 2011

DyingMessage.comDeath is an integral part of life. But a lot of people have trouble coming to terms with that. Few take the time to think of what they would say to their loved ones if they had the chance of a last goodbye, for example. Maybe that happens because they seem to think they won’t have the chance to do it, that death will come completely unexpected. Which for the most part is true, of course. But that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily leave your words of affection and support unspoken. There are services for ensuring they will reach your loved ones after you have passed away. is one such service. And it’s actually a really good one, too.

On you will be able to create a video or text message that is going to be sent after you have died. Your last goodbyes, your last words of advice to your children (or grandchildren), a final declaration of love to the person you chose as your lifelong companion… all that and more can be conveyed via

The way this service works, you can create as many messages as you want. And then, your recipients will get them when the time comes. That is, will attempt to contact you multiple times. Only if all of these attempts are unsuccessful will your messages be delivered.

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More – Another Way To Tweet

  • August 15, 2011

Heello.comLooking for alternatives to Twitter? If you are, please feel free to check this new web service out. Heello has been created by TwitPic’s founder Noah Everett, and although the site has existed for more than a year, it’s just become open to the general public. Any person who visits it now will be able to create an account for free, and (to all intents and purposes) send out tweets that are meatier by default.

You see, what Heello enables people to do is to send micro-messages (140 characters in length) that can include media such as images and videos. These micro-messages go by the name of “pings”, and something that sets the site apart from Twitter is that it has a stream of messages which is updated automatically. That is, the site features a continuous flow of messages. If you do begin using the site, you won’t ever have to update anything manually.

And that’s the extent of originality as far as this new service goes. There are no features that could really take Heello above Twitter. Not even a notch. And (unfortunately for its creators) there’s nothing that makes Heello better than any of the innumerable Twitter clones that are already available elsewhere. Ekko, Identica … they mostly do the same. And they got there first, too.

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