More – Make Sense Of Your Social Life

  • March 10, 2011

Memolane.comHaving so many social services around often means that (unless we are paying a lot of attention) we often miss on what our friends are doing online. It is very easy to miss a video they have uploaded to YouTube, for example. And that is true even of those who spread the links around. Something is not visible just because it has been posted on Facebook or Twitter. It can be missed just as easily as it can be seen.

Memolane has been created as a way out of that conundrum. This site will let anybody narrate the story of his life by bringing all the data that he shares on the Social Web under the same roof. People are enabled to gather their tweets, YouTube videos, Flickr images and playlists, and present them to all their friends in a neat way.

It is not really inaccurate, then, to call Memolane a tool for tidying up and ordering your social life. This site will let you lower the noise that might drown all your interactions, and have them placed in a context where they can be seen by those you really care about.

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