More – Putting An End To Lousy Meetings

  • February 10, 2010

MeetOrDie.comThe tagline of this startup is “Where lousy meetings live on forever” , and it will become many an employer’s nightmare. You see, on the site employees can publicly post updates detailing boring meetings at the companies they work for.

The mechanism is quite simple, not to mention anonymous: you specify the name of the company, the industry you work in and you also have to set down the size of the company by choosing the relevant workforce from the drop down menu that is provided. You then specify the actual length of the meeting, and who else is attending.

The information is then published on the site, much to the chagrin of bosses the world over. The cherry on the cake is that people can comment on these and update them accordingly, so a true sort of “separate meeting” in which people tell what they truly think of the place they have ended stuck in takes place.

To further make employers run for cover, the site also tells everybody how that wasted time (and money) could actually have been spent – IE, helping those in need all over the world.

Say what you want, you can’t accuse the site of being trite. While it won’t necessarily break a record of visits anytime soon, it is novel enough as to guarantee some buzz.

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