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More – You Are Not Alone With Your Illness

  • December 13, 2007

IMedix.comIt can be difficult to find secure and accurate information about your health out there in cyberspace. Fortunately, there are sites that provide relevant articles and discussion forums with your wellness in mind that aren’t crippled by spammers and/or bogus posts.

One such community is iMedix, a community-powered health website which aims to do two things: one, connect users suffering from similar ailments so that they may benefit from each other’s knowledge of their condition, and two, allow users to access articles and relevant information about diseases and disabilities. In terms of the discussion feature, patients can chat with eachother on-site in real time, or can exchange private messages. If you can’t get the information you need from other site users, you can utilize iMedix’s extensive search feature which brings you results approved by medical associations such as HON (Health on the Net Foundation). The search also filters results based on user rating in regards to credibility and relevance to provide the best information as voted by the iMedix community. Lastly, iMedix takes advantage of its ability to bridge the gap between marketers in the healthcare industry and their target audience (patients) by utilizing its algorithm’s ability to identify specific individual healthcare needs and match them up with the corresponding medical service or product provider.

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More – Verified Health Info Search

  • September 17, 2007

OrganizedWisdom.comWhen it comes to your health, you don’t want to mess around. Unfortunately, although convenient, most search engines aren’t going to necessarily guide you toward legitimate and relevant advice.

That’s where OrganizedWisdom Health comes in, a new search engine devoted to helping you find credible health information on the internet. It looks and functions much like any other search engine, except, instead of using bots to generate search results, all queries entered into the search bar are processed and filtered by both search and health professionals. In this way, OrganizedWisdom’s human-powered search service lets you easily identify results that are not only pertinent, but also provide safe advice (OrganizedWisdom links only to verified websites). If you’re looking for information regarding one of the more commonly queried health issues, you can use OrganizedWisdom’s collection of tags, called “Wisdom Cards”, to find results. As of now, the site features about 100 of these spam-free results pages, but plans to include over 100,000 by the end of the year.

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More – Online Support for Health Conditions

  • September 14, 2007 is a social network for anyone struggling with a medical condition, disease, or psychological disorder.

Build on the premise that words of encouragement can help someone to overcome a hardship, has built up a community of afflicted users along with health professionals to help you get through a rough time. Like any other social network, you can make friends and exchange thoughts (either private messages or public “words of encouragement”), and view blogs and photos, but you can also search for professional information about your disorder. You can do this in one of two ways; by contacting one of the professionals who maintains a page on HopeCube, or by searching for articles and information about a particular health topic. Each topic contains a brief synopsis of the disorder and related links. If you click on an issue, you will be able to add it to your “interest list” and see who else has, and view related entries and blogs. Site registration is free.

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