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  • March 14, 2010

Mediagazer.comMedia new are hot news, but the speed at which everything moves makes keeping track of everything something easier said than done. Algorithms alone can not cope with that.

Neither can human editors working on their own. A very balanced mixture of human input and technology is the way to go, and if someone knows how to achieve such an equilibrium then the people behind Techmeme certainly do. That is why this new media aggregator is worthy of some consideration.

The approach here is the same that has made Techmeme popular, with the added around-the-clock schedules and fickleness that the media industry is known for. The idea is to collect every item of note together and come up with a group of links that will let you see the main opinion when it comes to anything along with the vantage points of fellow supporters and those who are dead against it. If all works out as expected, you will be provided with the definitive word on any trending issue. Couple that with the (already satisfactory) collection of links that are offered in every case, and chances are this aggregator can succeed where others have failed before.

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