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What Does A Spongeworthy Startup Look Like? THIS

What Does A Spongeworthy Startup Look Like? THIS

If the mere mention of viral content on the web has conditioned you to roll your eyes, wondering what strange dumb video you’ll have to suffer through next, prepare yourself for an ecstatic revelation. Prepare to shift your surprise, horror, and delight to media that matters. And join the 30 million…

Read More – A Media Site Using SilverLight is a site where you can read up on interesting events and articles accompanied by video clips. At the moment is focusing on their coverage of Aids day in South Africa. The site features many articles and videos covering Aids related topics such as condoms and facts on Aids. This media site has seven categories; Close Up, LifeStyle, Best, Cause, Entertain, Fashion, and Feel Good. Browse through these categories to find...

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