Meat Cards

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  • May 11, 2009

MeatCards.comDo not adjust your computer screen, what you have read is correct. This company produces business cards using meat as the physical element, and it carves the contact information into it using a laser.

That is it. Words cannot fully describe the results of such an endeavor, and I advice you to visit the site for some pictures showcasing what these meat cards look like, and whet your appetite. While you are at it, do make a point of reading the comments that are found at the bottom of the page. Such an initiative is bound to provide a set of ready gags, and some have already found its way there such as the one reading “Sorry I didn’t get back to you Mr. SALESMAN, but my dog ate your card!”.

If there is something that I have learned by now is that no idea or scheme is too ridiculous or far-fetched to transpose into a viable business alternative. Only time will tell whether something like this will fall into that category, obviously, and I have to concede that the folks behind this at least came up with something novel and original for a change. Too novel? Too original? I will let you judge that for yourself.

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