More – How Products Are Made

  • February 26, 2008

MadeHow.comHave you ever wondered how things are made? This great, HUGE site has all the information regarding the creation process of everyday things, from daily household items to complicated electronic equipment and heavy machinery. Some of the articles cover: Air Bag, Air Conditioner, Artificial Snow, Automobile, Battery, Blue Jeans, Chewing Gum, Coin, Compact Disc, Credit Card, DVD Player, Fireworks, Hologram, Jet Engine, Laser Pointer, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Nuclear Submarine, Paint, Popcorn, Refrigerator, Telephone, Television, Temporary Tattoo, Vaccine, Vacuum Cleaner or Watch, and much, much more! The site is 100% FREE and is filled with figures and schemes fully explained in an easy to read language.

In terms of design the site looks very sober and uncomplicated. The enormous list of articles can be browsed alphabetically or by volumes. The site also includes a few biographies of world widely renowned inventors.

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