More – The Best Online Math Tutoring

  • August 19, 2012 is a website dedicated to math studying and tutoring for students of all ages in the United States. They are considered America’s most effective math intervention and created a fantastic breakthrough in learning. They work on the motto “TTM” which is Think Through Math. Their program provides a one on one experience for students to be appointed with a teacher who excels in mathematics. Their program can be accessed from any computer that has a wifi connection and ensures that all students can learn from anywhere in the country. The content is considered rigorous though it is also flexible which creates a balanced learning method. These flexible procedures allow for students to learn not only concepts but the procedures, as well.

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More – A Math Learning Haven

  • August 19, 2012 is a website dedicated to aiding students in need of math tutoring. Their website provides an interactive journey into math studying. Their game room provides a fun world of exciting games that will not only keep the student entertained, but will help to educate them, as well. The website is basic enough for a young child to navigate on their own or to use it with a parent. In a world, where many children suffer from a lack of education, steps in as a free aid to those in need. They provide a homework helper section which also allows students to study their homework and check if their solutions are correct.

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More – Science and Math Document Archives Online

  • August 16, 2012 is an archive of electronic printings of thousands of scientific papers. Compiled and maintained by Cornell University, Arxiv requires users to adhere to a strict list of standards in order for a submitted listing to be accepted. The website is specifically geared to papers focusing on math and science, and offers the following categories of archives: physics, mathematics, nonlinear science, computer science, biology, finance and statistics. It is an extremely useful resource for students working on research or experts in the field looking back at previous findings. Arxiv contains more than 700,000 papers users can access and receives more than 6,000 new submissions each month.

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More – Math Help

  • July 7, 2012 is an excellent resource site for students and parents that struggle with mathematics problems. Students all study in a different way, and some do not understand a particular way that the teacher teaches. With that well-known fact, many people look to the internet for assistance. Help comes in all different ways, and this site is one that has been around for several years. The individuals that run and update the page are knowledgeable of different teaching styles, giving the student several options of studying.

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More – Help With Homework

  • July 1, 2012 is an excellent and easy-to-use website to help individuals that struggle with math, succeed. Many students on a daily basis have an issue concentrating in school, paying attention to the teacher, and following what the teacher is saying. is an alternative tutoring method that can assist students by connecting on their level. This website allows several different individuals attempt to assist a student that is having troubles in any way that he or she may understand the assignment correctly.

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More – A Great Resource to Help Children With Math

  • June 24, 2012

The website is a resource devoted to helping children learn math. Math can be difficult for kids of all ages and is an easy subject to fall behind in. This website is devoted to making sure that each child learns math and has a fun time while doing so. At akidsmath, students are given tools and valuable games to assist their learning and make education enjoyable. The site is filled with all sorts of games, puzzles and other fun tools that will help kids work towards a better understanding of the subject matter. From early learning, like counting, to challenging material for older children, like addition and subtraction, akidsmath is devoted to helping each child in their quest to learn and improve their overall education. No more falling behind in class and making appointments to get special help from the teacher. This website is the teacher, and it’s available all the time. It’s always willing to help.

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More – Math Games For Children

  • November 15, 2011

MathChimp.comDon’t wait for your little ones to have trouble with math, do something to have their skills shaped up well before they become afraid of the whole subject. Make them play any of the games which are featured on this site, and have your kids start understanding numbers and all the basic operations. This site features enough colorful titles to make them want to keep coming back a second, a third, a fourth time, and hone their math skills without them even knowing.

All of the featured games are organized by grade, and they’re also rated by those who’ve already played them. Finding the right ones for your children is done in minutes, even when the site brings together more than 100 different games. And if you and your kids begin using this site frequently, you’ll always know which have been the latest additions to the database since the main page has got a “Newest Games!” section.

And if you want to know more about how games and children connect, you can always give the provided blog a look. It’s got posts that will be interesting not only to parents, but also to teachers who want to learn the best ways in which to bring technology into the classroom.

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More – Live Tutoring Sessions

  • May 23, 2011

Motuto.comSelf-defined as a mobile tutoring app which works in real time, Motuto is a more than respectable way to have problems solved right as they surface. The way Motuto works, you will be able to connect with a tutor 24/7, and have the answers to your every problem provided right away. And the whole process will be sped to no end since you can use the camera of your phone to take a snap of what you need help with, and have that sent to the tutor who is sitting on the other side.

A summary of the tutoring session will be sent to you the moment the session is over, and that will include screenshots and a log with all the messages you have exchanged with the tutor.

Math and science are the two main subjects which are covered, and help on everything from algebra and trigonometry to biology, chemistry and physics can be readily procured using Motuto.

Right now, Motuto can be used for free. It will soon turn into a paid application, with tutoring sessions being charged according to their duration.

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More – Help For Your Math Homework

  • May 20, 2011

Slader.comMath, algebra, geometry… these are traditionally taxing subjects, and the kind students more readily could use a hand with. Sites like are here to lend that hand.

Slader provides answers and explanations for most math problems you could ever face. How? By bringing together all the high school math textbooks that are commonly used throughout the country, and making them searchable at once. The main page will let you specify the one you are after using a neat interface, whereas these textbooks that people look up more recurrently are all highlighted in order to let users find what they are after in half the time.

These solutions and answers actually come from other users of the site. And

what must be remarked, now, is that students are actually paid for submitting their own answers.

As it stands right, they will receive 50 cents in exchange for each solution that they upload. And those who have an iPhone can actually take pictures and have them uploaded directly to the site. Even the laziest student around will be encouraged to do it.

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More – Summer Math Programs For Children

  • July 23, 2010

TenMarks.comGoing back to school is always tricky for children, if only because a vacation goes some way into ensuring that they will lose part of the knowledge that they had assimilated before the holidays started. This company offers parents a solution that minimizes such a latent risk in the one and only way that is truly effective: by making your children study during their vacations.

Of course, the little ones won’t be too happy about that, but they will be grateful when they grow up and see the difference that it all has made. And in any case, the featured programs are not that intrusive or time-consuming. Children will still have the time to enjoy themselves.

Ten Marks focus specifically on math, one of the trickiest subjects bar none. And this platform is aimed at Grades 3 – 10. These are the ones where the biggest difficulties are always perceived. Using the provided platform, any parent will be able to have his children both review and preview concepts in a truly personalized way. Interactive worksheets are provided along with video lessons, and children will be further motivated by the presence of rewards and certificates. These will certainly encourage them to go one step further at all times.

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More – A Platform For Customized Learning

  • July 21, 2010

Knotebooks.comKnotebooks is defined as a supplementary education platform that is entirely fueled by the contribution of users. It is meant to be employed both by students and by teachers of physics and maths who want to have a customized learning experience and collaborate together, tackling complex topics and grasping key concepts at a more granular level.

On the site, these individuals can find lessons comprising multimedia content and then (this is the novel touch) remix what they have found. That is, they can keep the parts that they understand and replace the ones that they have trouble getting to the bottom of with an easier explanation, a video lecture or even a java applet.

In this way, users create a custom-built library that caters exactly for their levels of understanding. And such content can then be shared with whomever they want – classmates, self-learners, teachers… Of course, a tool like Knoteboks can also be employed by researchers that want to get any point across to their colleagues more clearly. In each and every case, Knotebooks can be used for free. Simply sign up for an account in order to access its full set of features.

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More – A Social Site For Female Science Adepts

  • January 4, 2010

Stemming.orgIt is certainly interesting to see the way in which specialized networking sites crop up. The appeal some of these have is too circumscribed to lead to a successful growth to some market-savvy spectators, but the one who launches such a website knows all too well that the site will have a limited yet highly-loyal following.

It is all part of the equation.

I am sure the ones who have released this social site thought about all this. Stemming is a community resource that is aimed at female science and technology enthusiasts, and the ones who are keen on engineering and mathematics are also taken into account. Users can not only share content and media though the site, but they can also take up the role of mentors and guide other members along the scientific pathway.

Ultimately, the site has the clear advantage of being on a field of its own. There is a public for initiatives of this type, and while it might not be a voluminous one it is certainly (and always) loyal enough for these sites to be viable.

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More – A Repository Of Mathematical Knowledge

  • April 24, 2009

Tricki.orgDo you think you are mathematically challenged just because you cannot solve a mathematical problem? This solution was created in order to be a source of techniques to get around that very issue. On this site you will find a wide variety of methods concerning specific subareas of mathematics.

Users are allowed to get a number of articles about mathematical problems and solutions in a very effective way. Some of these articles are for beginners while others are intended for advanced users. If you want to find the way to solve algebra, geometry or probability problems this is the right site for you to find what you need. can be defined as a crystal-clear source of information about the most diverse ways to solve mathematical problems. Since this site was created to give all kinds of people the possibility to improve their mathematical skills, it seems to be an appealing option you can take into consideration.

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LetsParticipate.In – Contests, Competitions & More

  • November 18, 2008

LetsParticipate.InLetsParticipateIn is a resource dedicated to help students and professionals find contests, competitions, challenges, and events to compete in. Designed a new gadget? Thought of a pathbreaking idea? Have a special skill? Looking for an event where you can showcase it? Go to LetsParticipate.

In and find the right place to showcase your idea.

On the site events are listed according to tags/categories and regions. Visitors can subscribe to a customized RSS feed of events based on categories they choose and the region they live in. LetsParticipateIn also makes it easy for event managers to publicize their competitive events.

The site features all sorts of events for those whose creative juices are flowing and want to share their ideas with the world. You’ll find everything from programming to design, electronics, creative writing, and more so no matter what your special skill is you’re sure to find something tailored to your needs here.


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More – Math For Children

  • September 25, 2008

DreamBox Learning is a company that offers online math learning fun products which take advantage of the versatility of the latest technological advances in order to provide children with tailor-made software solutions. The company is a purveyor of edu-tainment products – that is, a game that entertains and plays an educational role at the same time.

The featured products are based on specific teacher strategies such as the development of key ideas and the provision of hints at necessary intervals. The company’s first product will be titled “Learning K-2 Math”, and it is geared towards parents that wish their children could develop early math literacy. Information on this product is featured on the corporate website. Furthermore, a “Parent Resources” page is included and can be accessed from the main page.

The site also includes a section that goes by the name of “Careers” that is worth checking out for those who are on the lookout for job openings and career opportunities. The benefits that working at the company entails are also described online.

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More – Get Your Calculus On

  • August 12, 2008

MathWay.comCalculators are great if you just need a result. They don’t teach you how they got to it.

That’s where shines. The site will allow you to solve any type of math problem you’ll come across throughout your school life. Whether you need to learn the fundamentals of adding, or find it hard to solve a particularly nasty integral, you’ll be able to get some basic know-how form the site. To use the site to all its extent, you should read through the help section to understand the basic commands. Once you get that out of the way, a whole new world of math problem solving opens up for you. Just tell the site the problem you can’t solve and it’ll solve it for you, and tell you how to do it too. The step by step process should be good for even the slowest person to understand the basic concepts behind some of math’s most important operations. I tried a basic integral and it solved it really fast, and the step by step explanation was immaculate.

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More – Math Courseware Specialists

  • July 24, 2008

HawkesLearning.comThis is the online home of Hawkes Learning Systems, a company that claims to have a competent staff of math courseware specialists. Previously named Quant Systems, the company already has 25 years of experienced in this area, representing an innovative source of software learning solutions.

They are proud to be recognized as the creators of the very first computer based tutorial and assessment software of its kind. Today, Hawkes Learning invites you to check its website and see its ever expanding line of software products, textbooks, and authors, featuring constant refining and improvement of its existing titles to provide the academic community with the best possible tools for effectively teaching mathematics. You can access the whole list of products and services available by clicking the links of the navigation bar on the left, where you will find software and textbooks related to basic math, prealgebra, college algebra, business statistics, and much more.

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More – Educational Search Engine

  • July 22, 2008 is the main website of Topmarks, an educational search engine which represents a useful online tool for students and teachers, since it quickly finds the best homework help, revision websites, and educational sites for use in the classroom. The site aims to help others to use the internet effectively for leaning; that’s why it’s free.

Topmarks is oriented specifically at pupils, teachers, and parents and all featured sites on it are carefully reviewed by teachers. However, the site has more resources that just a search engine; at the homepage you will find some links to educational articles, parent’s articles, educational games, religious education, and much more. There is also a section called the Interactive Whiteboard which features websites that lend themselves to whole class teaching. To make use of the engine you can either select a category from the list on the left hand side of your screen, which includes most varied subjects such as music, mathematics, and languages, or browse by subject and age group to find the most suitable educational websites.

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More – Learn Math Online

  • July 21, 2008

OnlineMathLearning.comTraditionally one of the loathsome subjects bar none, Math stands a serious stumbling block for most children. If your sons seem to fall into this category, you will be glad to know that help is at hand on the World Wide Web.

Simply direct your browser to the OnlineMathLearning website and you will come across a wealth of resources that will point your children in the right direction. Different activities spanning areas such as trigonometry, geometry and algebra can be found online. These include quizzes, puzzles, fun facts and games. Moreover, assistance is provided to those who are preparing the SAT or ACT test in the form of full practice tests that are available to those who register. On the other hand, the latest additions to the database are highlighted on the main page, and items that come complete with video files for further guidance are prominently highlighted.

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More – Free Maths Worksheets

  • July 17, 2008 is an American educational website devoted to improve the mathematical skills for children.

In order to do so, they provide a great variety of free maths worksheets and related resources. All of them are sorted into different categories, depending on the difficulty such as: basic math, advanced math, and Pre School. In addition to the math worksheets here you can also find similar resources to improve writing skills and geography. The site also features a series of math related online games that are perfect to teach maths in a fun environment. You can also access here to their online forums, where you can meet other in order to share comments, information, resources, and discuss related topics. Many of the resources offered here are meant to be downloaded and some of them are online activities. Finally, in case you need further assistance or you want to make a submission, you can find here all their contact details.

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