More – The Lowell Sun Online

  • April 28, 2008

Lowellsun.comTogether with Cambridge, the city of Lowell is the county seat of Middlesex County (Massachusetts). Lowell Sun is a magazine which covers all the aspects of life therein.

The magazine is split into several sections, such as local and international news, along with editorials, like letters to the editor and opinions and commentary. The most popular news items are prominently displayed for easier access. There are also special reports that can be browsed through, and deal with different aspects of life in Lowell. Sports are also catered for in the magazine, as it covers football, basketball, baseball, boxing and hockey games and events. News appertaining to the world of entertainment are also included, such as ideas and suggestions for going out, and TV listings for those who prefer a quiet night. For its part, the “Lifestyles” pages include items about travel, health and religion. There is also a classifieds section where it is possible to look for job, cars, and homes.

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More – Comp. Assisted Mass Appraisal

  • April 27, 2008

PatriotProperties.comComputer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA), is a kind of software platform designed to help Real Estate professionals do appraisals and calculate taxes, in short: a specialized database and stats builder. Patriot Properties, a Massachusetts-based company, has specialized in creating and developing these suites, and also to customize them to suit each client’s specific needs in accordance to state regulations.

By visiting the site, prospective buyers can read information on the capabilities and features of the suites, though unfortunately there are no demos to watch or trials to download, which are a very powerful means to transmit the worth and usability of the software, especially for a target-audience of professionals who might be weary of being able to substitute long-term usage of tools for a different system altogether. Also worthy of note is the sloppy design of the site, which does not handle Firefox really well, a thing that highlights yet another problem I found in the marketing strategies of the site: how come there is not one word on the system requirements of the CAMAs on offer?

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More – Berkshires County Web

  • April 16, 2008

Berkshireeagle.comLocated in the western edge of the United States, in the state of Massachusetts, the Berkshire County gives home to more than 130.000 people with Pittsfield as its administrative center.

If you are planning a visit or you live in the county, Berkshire Eagle is a great place to get information about everything what’s going on in the Berkshires. Get all the latest news, video and pictures related to the county plus the most relevant national news. Births, Obituaries, Communities, Weather. Everything you need to know is here. If you are planning to go out, check all the latest on movies, nightclubs, exhibitions, arts. You can also look for jobs, careers and education as well as autos and real state classifieds. Every community is welcome to chip in with news and information. Finally, there are guides to every single city or town on the county, with descriptions, maps and geographical and demographical data.

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More – Much More than Mechanic Training

  • March 14, 2008

Wyotech.eduIf you are passionate about mechanics, cars, aviation, and basically any other engine-powered vehicle, and you’d like to make your career in that field, consider taking a look at, a tech-school with campuses in several states, like Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, California, and Wyoming, which provides college-level education; programs are usually completed over a 16-month period.

Unlike other college sites, this one is really appealing in terms of design and functions, as when you are exploring your education options through this site you’ll be able to quickly access the full catalogue of courses, read the instructors’ profiles and take a look at testimonials from students as well. If you are concerned about money, explore the financial issues tag to learn the different ways in which you can pay for your education in Wyotech. Do you like travelling, or would like to spend a season far from home? Take a look at the international programs Wyotech hosts.

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More – North Eastern University

  • March 12, 2008

Northeastern.eduAre you planning to go to college but you haven´t pick one yet? Well seek no more, this is the opportunity you´ve been expecting for. Take a minute to pay a visit to Northeastern.

edu, the North Eastern University home at the internet. Navigate along this complete web page and learn all about this great college. Find out about admissions & financial aid, academics, research and even about the university athletics. All kind of great people have study there. Take a look at the site and you´ll see why this is the university for you. It´s a well respected college and it offers, among others, academic excellence, research that changes lives and real world experiences. So don´t waste any more time searching and pick the North Eastern University. You won´t be disappointed and they guarantee to change your life for better. So take a look at the site and you´ll see why they recommend it.

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More – Massachusetts Automated Resources Sharing

  • March 8, 2008

Cwmars.orgIf you live in the central or western region of Massachusetts and you will like to find out all about the libraries on the area and the books you can get there, all you have to do is visit the Central Western Massachusetts Automated Resources Sharing, CWMARS, web page. In order to take a look to mostly all the contest of this site, you will have to be a member of a library on the area.

If you are already a member, all you have to do is use the number of your library card and you will gain access to all their sections. You will have the opportunity of finding an on line catalog with all the titles of the different libraries books, DVDs and videos. But if you are seeking for a certain book, you can also fill in a form that will help you locate it in a much faster way. Taking a look at a list of the most requested books and DVDs is also an opportunity that this web page offers you.

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More – Commerce Insurance Company

  • March 5, 2008

CommerceInsurance.comThe Commerce Insurance Company offers you personal and commercial property and casualty insurance in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They have a huge line of products such us personal automobile, homeowners and commercial automobile insurance.

Their mission is to provide the customers property and casualty insurance and related financial services. At the site you will be able to find a section that usually not all of this type of companies offers, called “claims service”. So if you have a loss involving your car or your home, they are committed to handling your claim quickly and efficiently. You can report your claim to your local independent insurance agents or directly to Commerce Insurance Company. Other products they offer are personal umbrella insurance, earthquake and flood insurance and business insurance. And the products are separated by the leading cities Massachusetts and New Hampshire, where there is also available payment information, for reports of identity theft and discounts.

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More – The Haverhill Gazette

  • February 23, 2008

EagleTribune.comThe Eagle Tribune is a local newspaper catering for Haverhill City in Massachusetts, providing all sorts of local news and several in-depth reports on varied topics. You will not find much international news at this site, rather more community-focused news and special online-only features, such as photo and audio slideshows, plus some videos as well.

Other than the regular section you’d expect from a local paper, take a look at the Business section to find out about local startups, or the Lifestyle area to learn about local environment-friendly initiatives. Under the ‘Special Features’ tag users will find a comprehensive archive of several community-relevant highlights, much in the way as major newspapers in the world do. Taking a look at the blogs will let users get familiarized with several topics that staff writers keep up to date with, like entertainment, photography, sports and politics. Subscribers of the print edition can manage their account details by signing in.

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More – Maine Harbors Tides

  • February 17, 2008 is a site hosting tide charts for the Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas, updated daily.

Other than this particular service, site visitors will find in lots of weather information, like sea temperature, satellite images and wind speed maps, plus onshore weather reports. A cool feature about this site is that it links to 30+ live webcams around the Maine area. Also take a look at the nautical information resources to learn the meaning of signal flags, or reviews on books on boating and life on the sea plus a very thorough index of links to boating and sea activities in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, which includes a list of boating supplies and maintenance business, accommodation and hotel information, plus guides to onshore activities. Being listed in this area of the site is free, so if your business is somewhat related to boating, it could be a good idea to submit it.

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More – All About Massachusetts

  • November 17, 2007

Masslive.comIf you are the ones who like to be informed all day about the news that happens in Massachusetts, provides you all the information you need and more. provides you everything about Massachusetts, everything from restaurant guides, movie listings, entertainment, sports, news, travel, lodging, and chats. offers you its own search engine, just by writing down the keyword you are looking for and will find it for you.

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More – Discount Furniture In Boston

  • September 15, 2007

People who live in Massachusetts and who are looking for a cost-effective way to refurbish their homes should visit this site now. N.E. Furniture has got a catalog that will let them renovate their living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, and all the items listed there can be had at excellent prices. This catalog is found online at, and both delivery services and layaway plans are also made available there, just to make the experience of buyers perfect. Mattress sets, bedroom sets, microfiber and leather living rooms, kitchen sets and formal dining room sets can all be bought on Orders can be easily placed, and transactions can be completed using PayPal.   And if you want to visit the company’s warehouse (located half a mile down Page Street), then you can either go in during scheduled hours, or make an appointment. That is, in addition to opening a set amount of hours every day, N.E. Furniture makes it possible for you to go on your own and see its catalog with nobody else is around to distract you, or get in the way. It’ll be just a salesperson and you. You’ll get to go through the company’s catalog in as much detail as you want, and take all the time that you need.

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