More – A Social Site For Pets

  • December 20, 2010

Cuteness.comCuteness is a social networking site in which pets are the real stars of the show. Their owners can sign them up for free, and then proceed to have them rated by the rest of the Cuteness community. If they rack the biggest number of votes, then they are going to become the Pet of The Day, and be featured on the homepage for everybody else to admire.

A feature that merits a mention is the ability to challenge other pets to cute duels, and it must also be pointed out that it is possible to shop for items online, recommend the ones you like best to other users of the site, and even send them as presents to your best friends.

Other than that, profiles come with all the information that you can imagine such as age, birthday and breed. And the site also has a news feed (a la Facebook and Twitter) that showcases all that has been going on recently – who has joined, who has begun following whom…

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Information On Pets –

  • August 28, 2009

Information On PetsThis blog is solely devoted to pets and animals. It provides a very good mixture of important, sensitive information along with some leisure resources.

The former include articles dealing with animal welfare issues alongside a guide of animal shelters all over the country, whereas the latter is made up of cartoons and related media. The blogger also includes personalized stories and musings about the many pets within his household, and the ones that he has had over the years. Taking into account that he began bringing pets home when he was only 5, you can rest assured he has quite a handful of stories to share with the world at large. Couple that with his experience at not only local shelters but also humane societies and national welfare organizations and you know the blogger is as well-informed as he is passionate.

In finishing, quite a rich resource for pet lovers everywhere. Make a point of visiting it even if you are just remotely interested in the topic at hand – you are certain to find something for you in here. Information On Pets

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More – A Social Network For Pet Lovers & Pets

  • July 21, 2009

Petizens.comPetizens is a new social networking site. As its name suggests, it is geared towards pet owners and (of course) their mascots.

Users can interact with each other in the vein that this kind of sites usually enable them to interact, and media showcasing their little friends at their finest can be put about and shared. Moreover, competitions are held regularly so that interaction between members is taken one step beyond.

On the other hand, the network includes both a “Help” and a “Knowledge” section which can be consulted should you need some guidance as regards the care of your pet. A forum is likewise provided to these ends, and also for hanging out and socializing even more.

When it comes to the actual creation of the profile pages, the company prides itself on applying a new approach, as it allows users to drag and drop components in order to build a profile page. This not only makes pages easier to build, but also more enjoyable and even more accessible – people are daunted if they have to start performing operations that are even slightly complex, and that can turn them off. In that sense, the team behind the project has made a wise move by placing usability so high on the agenda.

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More – Mascot and Sport Art

  • April 23, 2008 is a site where you can find designs for mascots, sports, t-shirts and custom t-shirts.

This is the largest sports and mascot clipart and t-shirt templates supplier in the world. To begin with, you can find four sections in which the most important designs will be shown, these are, within mascot clip art, sports clip art, t-shirt design and for custom t-shirts. Once you enter one of these sections, you will see an enormous selection of different designs, which all of them can be shopped by category. You can as well enter into the team logo design, the school clipart kit and the academic pricing. Some with special offers in the specials sections, and sports equipment art where you can find even more sports designs. In the custom art services section, you can find more designs but in a more diversified design, and for interested viewers, all kind of designs can be made.

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