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  • January 29, 2008

www.UltraStar.comVirtual Ticket is the perfect tool for any band that wants more publicity, free of charge. UltraStar’s newest product, the Virtual Ticket player, makes it very clear that the fan is the principal driving force behind the success of a musical group.

If the fan could have access to exclusive media content then ther is the chance that this same fan would spread word of both the band and the site.That is why, UltraStar has produced the Virtual Ticket player, which bands can add on to their websites to promote themselves. The player is funded through concert-ticket purchases, which allow every fan free access to the content produced by Virtual Ticket. In addition, this self-funding mechanism yields a trio of benefactors; UltraStar, the fans, and the band. Whereas the former two benefit promotionally, the latter benefits economically through increased ticket and album sales.

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