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Weblance – A New Kind Of Freelance Marketplace

Weblance – A New Kind Of Freelance Marketplace

Building an internet startup inevitably means you’ll be working with freelancers. While we totally understand that bootstrapping requires some budget cuts, the fact of the matter is that you get what what you pay for. It’s easy enough to cut corners when you’re hiring out, but wouldn’t you ultimately…

Read More – A Network For Word Of Mouth Marketing

Swom (“Super Word of Mouth”) is a social network that can be used to market anything. Yet, the site will be specially useful for home-business owners that are looking for ways to reach out to a larger audience. On the site, they will be able to promote who they are, what they do to and (ultimately) earn new referrals. The site is free to join, and once an account has been created you will receive your own personalized referral link....

Read More – Promoting Yourself All Over The Web

Eggtop is a new platform that aims to let you promote what you do. It doesn’t matter what kind of artist you are – the system seems to encompass most categories you can think of, and musicians and painters are supported along with those who have a penchant for writing, and the ones who are graphic designers. The way Eggtop works in each case is a bit different, but the basic premise remains the same: automatic online promotion is...

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