More – Simplifying Band Management

  • May 8, 2010

MarcatoMusician.comThere is no dearth of sites that are aimed at musicians, and that let them deal with the managerial side – IE, the one that idealistic bands truly loathe. They are in it for playing in front of people, and communicating something in the shape of notes, chords, pounding drums and lyrics.

The problem is that they know that leaving the business side of it all into the hands of a stranger could have disastrous consequences. And that is exactly why sites like this one will always exist. They let bands concentrate on their art, and deal with the business bit as swiftly as they want.

Using Marcato, any band can keep an ordered schedule of upcoming gigs and bookings, and a provided calendar places everything in a clear context indeed. Besides, tour itineraries can be checked by any member of the band. And a messaging platform is built into Marcato, effectively letting band members stay fully connected.

The site recently opened to the public, and it is free for single bands. Only multiple bands have to go for paid accounts. The price of these is yet to be announced.

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