Spot On Time: Getting There Just Got Easier

  • March 20, 2014

We all got places to be, and presumably a timeframe in which we need to be there. We also know that getting to said places is not just a question of point A to point B (though it does bring back memories of Mapquest) it is a product of mentally balancing calendars with projected travel time, traffic…

More – Your First Stop in Navigation Data

  • August 26, 2012

When looking for geographic solutions there is nowhere else to go but to the Netherlands and India based Automotive Navigation Data has been in business since 1984 and offers a database that connects over 200 countries. Offering navigation maps, digital maps, and solutions to consumers and businesses, they are a one stop website when in need of mapping information.

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More – A Different Way To Visit Stores

  • June 2, 2010

ShowStreet.comShowStreet is a new tool that employs mapping technologies and street views in order to give you a better insight on stores and retailers. In practice, this translates in the fact that you get to see interior and panoramic views of the stores themselves.

That is, you (as the user) will have a chance to see multiple panoramas. This will be extremely useful as far as Real Estate is concerned, obviously. And as a bonus, you also get a chance to see the website of the business in question and some content that is not accessible otherwise, and which the owner of the business decided to make public using this system. For example, the owner of a record store can have exclusive clips from an upcoming album featured only when you access his store like this, and so on.

As a result, it is safe to say that ShowStreet will be suitable both for locals that want to check what new promotions are there in the place they live in, and also to tourists that are looking for the best places to visit. And the fact that locations in ShowStreet can be sent to your friends on social networking sites will let everybody comment and rate the products and services in question.

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More – Connect With Others Locally

  • November 19, 2009

SocialStreets.comSocial Streets is brand-new initiative that has the aim of letting people connect with others in their close vicinity. Think of it as a cross between social networking with a geo-coded directory, and add a seasoning of business interaction in order to have the whole picture.

The objective of the site is to empower people to be more connected with those in their local communities, and also become more engaged in those things that should matter to them directly.

The site works by letting you execute a search in which you have to specify the State and city you are based in along with a couple of keywords to give context to the whole process. In any case, the site includes a tag cloud with the most recent (and popular) searches that have been executed, so that you can see which uses are people putting the site to at once.

The Social Streets website is available in a plethora of different versions, too. In addition to the one I visited for writing this review, the service will be usable by those who reside in Canada and in many key European territories such as Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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More – Digital Map Data

  • July 7, 2008

Navteq.comDo you need detailed map data for your business? Do you rely on satellite imagery for your research studies? If that is the case, then you should take a look at

On the site, you will be able to learn about this great digital mapping company and the many services they provide. The Market Solutions section has everything you need to know about each service. This will help you determine which on is the right one for you. The Store section is where you will be able to find very accurate maps and other tools, which will allow you to have access to digital mapping tools. If you bought a map from the company, you will be able to get updates through the site. This is a great way for you to make sure that you have the latest maps, which is a must for this ever-changing world we live in.

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More – Mapping Abstraction Library

  • July 4, 2008 is a web-based library that provides a common API for numerous mapping API’s that already exist, and allows users to make their own mashup from nine different mapping providers.

Consulted providers include Google Maps and MapQuest, among others. Users need only to code their applications once. After this has been completed, users have the ability to switch mapping providers based on personal preference and quality of the map. Furthermore, users can easily integrate their Mapstraction maps into their own sites, and utilize the tools to develop the maps with different controls, styles, and providers. The additional features this site provides includes GEORSS and KML feed import capabilities, and geocoding of addresses.

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More – Create OpenID URLs from Email Addresses

  • June 23, 2008

EmailtoId.netEmailtoid is a free mapping service that allows email addresses to be used as OpenID identifiers. Per their website, Emailtoid explains that one critical criticisms of the use of OpenID’s usability is that users sometimes do not feel comfortable relying on the URLs for identifiers, and feel more at ease using their own personal email addresses to identify themselves.

As a solution to this issue, the web-based Emailtoid tool converts email addresses into fully functioning OpenID URLs. Since there is no need for passwords, this seamless tool is made to be a quick, simple, and powerful solution.

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More – The GPS For Your Needs

  • June 17, 2008

Gpsinformation.netThis site provides information useful for you to find the GPS that best suits you according to your needs. So, if you are looking for a GPS, then this site can inform you on many aspects of this topic.

Here you will be able to find information on what GPS should you buy whether you are looking for one to go hiking, fishing, boating, or for your car as well. Apart from this information, in this site you will also find many reviews on different matters such as maps and nautical charts. Much of the information that this site provides is in the form of reviews. Comparisons are made and presented to us about the GPS in relationship to other devices and options you may have to use in your car, boat or anywhere else. Here you can find a list of reviews of Hardware and Software as well such as mapping GPS receivers, navigation systems, mapping, routing and much more.

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More – Making Mapping Easier

  • May 18, 2008 a tool that helps site visitors build Google Maps.

It is a basic site that explains step-by-step how to create a Google or Yahoo Map of any place, for any purpose. It is a fantastic tool for web developers and anyone in general who enjoys or needs to make a geographical map. This site is introductory, hence a great starting point for users who are new to Google and Yahoo Maps. Additional links on the homepage toolbar enhance the site. One of these such links is “Booming Maps,” or a listing of the most popular recent maps. Furthermore, the site has helpful tips listed on the homepage to assist users.

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Land Surveyors United

  • April 9, 2008

Land Surveyors United is the first social network in the world exclusively geared for land surveying professionals and the GPS, mapping and geomatics community. This group creates a virtual space for surveyors to post their technology related questions, experiences, tips, tricks and advise for the field.

Members are surveyors, of course, most of which spend the majority of their day in the woods or along the side of the road measuring and creating the landscapes of our cities and towns. As an online community comprised entirely of like minded individuals, LSU provides a place to find equipment, collaborate and troubleshoot problems in the field and find reference materials related to surveying. All content is subscription friendly and can be read via RSS feed reader. Small surveying firms can promote their business and jobs can be sought and found. This is truly the first community of its kid, ever!

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More – Musical Relationship Map

  • February 19, 2008

Audiomap.Tuneglue.netTuneglue helps you visualize musical connections by helping you map them out. You begin by entering the artists name in the search engine.

Say you enter Beyonce, a node that says Beyonce appears. From this node you have some options. You can: expand, browse through releases, lock pos, or delete. If you choose expand, more nodes will appear with the names of musical artists that have a musical relationship with Beyonce such as, Ciara, Fergie, Justin Timberlake, etc. You can then expand one of those artists and continue expanding. You can click on releases and you will be able to browse through the artists albums and buy them at Amazon if you are interested. The option lock pos locks the position of the node and delete deletes the node. You can create a complex musical relationship map with Tuneglue and browse through albums as well.

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More – Navigate Your Way To Adventure

  • January 4, 2008

Alpinaut.comThis is a site for finding and mapping out locations for adventure sports such as skiing, snowshoeing and caving. Zoom in on the Google map to search route diagrams or map your own.

Map markers are color based—blue for canyoning, lime green for skin diving, fuschia for via ferrata etc– and each marked location on Alpinaut may contain links, photos, and short descriptions. Below the word map you’ll find a search bar for narrowing your point of reference; enter in the city and country or latitude and longitude to find your exact location; or simply pick a country and search from there. To submit a place of interest you’ll need to fill out the location’s coordinates, place name, activity type and region.

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More – Parses Your Multiple Line Address

  • December 29, 2007

GoogMappin.comGoogMappin is a quick fix to a minor Google Maps hindrance. The problem: Google doesn’t parse two line addresses that are pasted in the search field.

The first line gets cleared, but the second doesn’t, it simply disappears. Addresses have to be in one line in order for the pasting to work; this of course means that you have to do a little extra formatting which makes things all the much less thrilling. This is where GoogMappin comes in. All you’ve got to do is paste in your two or more lined address and you’ll automatically get it mapped without having any lines cut out. Add as many destinations as you want; bookmark it by dragging the url into your favorites. Whenever you need to map something you’ll have GoogMappin.

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More – University Campus Map

  • November 27, 2007

CampusDestinations.comCampus Destinations is the premier mapping and informational services company for college campuses. Campus Destinations mission is to save students time and money by eliminating inefficient ways of allocating their schedule and funds and creating an interactive portal that enables them to profit from the correction of this externality.

Additionally, the company allows users to register on the site to rate local restaurants and share “cool-facts” about local destinations on campus. Only university affiliated users are allowed to register, but everyone is allowed to view. This credible reviewing source is an alternative to CitySearch and provides a detailed view of destinations from a university insider view.

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More – Prioritize with Mind Maps

  • November 6, 2007

i2Brain.comA common complaint about mind maps is that, sure, all your ideas are laid out, but every idea is given the same weight and priority. This makes working from a mind map relatively pointless and frusterating. has developed their product to eliminate this problem. The maps made on are multi-dimensional and each part is assigned a specific weight and priority. Furthermore, the program has a colorful interface and flexible structures. Users who take advantage of this program can utilize it to simplify complex information, collaborate with others on planning parties and events, plan future responsibilities, brainstorm and outline projects and essays. The options are endless and now users can keep their thoughts and plans in order and prioritized.

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More – HeadCase – Flexible Mind Mapping

  • November 6, 2007

LoanedGenius.comHeadCase Mind Maps offers users the most bohemian and freestyle mapping program around. The program is filled with cool graphics, colors, styles, flexible formats and branch options.

While the best results might not seem professional, users can take advantage of the creative options to truly express their ideas and plans that require more than black and white letters connected by boring lines. The maps can be embellished with fades, outlines, textures and components such as images, nodes, branches and text. Relationships can be joined by lines that really say something about the connection and groups of ideas can be aggregated together. The options for branches are extensive and include actual tree like branches with levels of density, pulse lines, zig zags and arrows of different size and share. The results are reminiscent of an old windows application but the options make it worth the fault in spiffy smooth images.

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GeoSticker – – Mapping Software

  • October 31, 2007

GeoStickerAre you planning on traveling to; France, Belgium, Spain, or the Netherlands? If you are GeoSticker could help you get a better idea of the layout of cities within these countries. GeoSticker gives you city maps that are detailed and thorough.

To begin, choose one of the four countries, then choose a city and press “go” to get your map. You can get even more detailed maps, if you enter an address or zipcode. If you are having difficulty finding how to get to your hostel, put the address in GeoSticker and get a map of that neighborhood. You can zoom in or out to get a better idea of what main roads are close to the address. You can also search through the city map, zooming in and GeoSticker gives you the zipcode of the area you are zooming in on. GeoSticker will most likely be used on other sites that feature tourism and social networking. Don’t get lost, find your way with GeoSticker.

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More – Sophisticated Online Mapping

  • October 13, 2007

Pushpin.comDo you want to add a map to your business’ website to help people locate it easily? If that is your case, might be the perfect site for you to visit. PushPin provides an easy to use Java Script Application Programming Interface (API), you can use to add scrollable maps into your website.

PushPin’s API features a multi-layer map server, a disaggregated base map, and an API catalog with different options for you to configure the map’s controls, layers and icons, as well as its scales and zoom levels. In addition, on this site you will find some example to learn how to add a pin to a map, add overlays to the map, create custom icons and more.

In conclusion, in case you have a website that needs a map, will make things much easier. This online mapping application hosts all the map information and layers you need to add a map to your site.

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More – Bringing Geography to Your Desktop

  • September 27, 2007

Metacarta.comMetaCarta offers map driven geographic search; essentially, with MetaCarta users can leverage geographic data for a wide variety of purposes, among which are: intelligence gathering, environmental analysis, infrastructure monitoring, disease tracking, and information discovery. Their technology is focused on two key areas: geographic entity extraction and resolution, e.

g. pinpointing references to place names and regions with specificity, and also information retrieval. Their products include geographic text search, geOdrive, an energy industry specific tool, GeoTagger which parses documents and extracts geographic references, resolving geographic meanings intended by the author, and GeoIntel, a service for the Petrol industry.

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