More – Looking Up Flickr Pictures Easily

  • March 24, 2010

MapMyFlickr.comMapMyFlickr is the kind of site that becomes necessary if you intend to give Flickr a good use. To put it simply, it is a search portal that will let you look up pictures that have been uploaded to the popular image hosting service geographically.

That is, you can search for these images that have been geotagged and see them displayed in Google Earth.

In this way, researching anything becomes a suppler task since you can focus your time online in results that will have a minimum degree of relevance. And once the exact location has been pinpointed, continuing the search from there becomes an effortless task.

The search itself can be executed in a plethora of ways, and these include not just the name of the place but also the username of the person who uploaded the image to Flickr and his email address. That is specially suitable because you (as the one conducting the search) would gain immediate access to content such as pictures that your best friend is uploading while he takes a Caribbean vacation and so on.

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