More – Find Nearby Places That Are Interesting

  • July 23, 2010

MapHook.comMapHook is a new location-oriented service that will let you find interesting places close to wherever you happen to be located. The idea is that people create what are named “hooks”, IE markers that denote any place or venue that they would advise others checking out, and these hooks are what you will find when you execute a search.

Hooks are made suppler by the possibility of adding images to them along with a short description where you can explain exactly why the site is worth a look. If it is a restaurant, you can add something along the lines of “The service is great, and the food is excellent”, and so on.

Besides, it is possible to add links both to Wikipedia and Yelp. Adding a link to a Wikipedia article will be useful most of all when it comes to local attractions – any tourist will be able to get an objective overview of the place along with your own account.

It is interesting to note that you can actually determine who will have access to your hooks. You can make them viewable only to two or three friends if that is what you want.

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