More – Letting You Create Customized Maps

  • December 13, 2010

Mapfaire.comMapfaire is a nifty application that will let you bring new customers in. Basically, using Mapfaire you will be able to build maps showcasing all your different locations and branches, and have them shared on the spot.

These maps are created in a really easy way, as a simple interface lets you specify the exact location that your store is found at, give the whole map a name and then have it saved and spread as much as you want. And this interface will be familiar the first time around for the simple reason that it is based on Google Maps. You will know exactly how to zoom in and out of the map, and how to pinpoint any specific location.

As a tool, Mapfaire will be useful to small companies most of all – IE, companies that operate within limited budgets and that want to provide as comprehensive a service as they can to their customers. In that respect, Mapfaire is truly a perfect application – it will let anybody put his company on the map (literally), and start being more findable.

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