More – Create Envelopes Which Act As Maps

  • March 29, 2010

MapEnvelope.comWould you like to send customized letters to your family and friends? If so, you can start with the envelope by entering On this site you will learn how to customize your letter envelope with this simple process. MapEnvelope allows you to print letter envelopes made with your Google Maps location and customizable messages.

Do you know what is Google Maps? Are you looking for original letter envelope? Enter and find out more about this perfect mix that gives you the chance to customize envelops lined with Google Maps locations. On this site you can also see a preview before printing your mailing envelop.

Therefore, if you want to send customized letters, enter You will find some simple steps to follow before printing your mailing envelope. You just have to type in your location to get Google Maps location image. Then, you just need to type in your custom message.

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