Best Cities For Startups In Britain

  • October 18, 2013

Every city in Britain boasts a range of businesses, from office-based service industry enterprises to the pubs and curry houses on the high street. But some cities have a predisposition to certain sectors, either for ‘organic’ reasons or thanks to Government initiatives. Where you start your business is rarely…

More – The Manufacturing That You Need

  • August 26, 2012

If you are looking for manufacturing and looking for certain parts then you should look into the company Amphenol and see what they have for you. They have a great website at that will be able to answer a lot of questions about what they do and what they have to offer. Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems. The main market for the Company’s products are communications and information processing markets, including cable TV, cell phones and data communication and information processing systems; aerospace and military electronics; and automotive, rail and other transportation and industrial items.

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More – An Innovative Company

  • August 12, 2012

The website is a resource devoted to the production and advancement of conveyor belt science. Ashworth has the most conveyor belt patents in its industry, which centers around making cans for food processing. On, users have access to a large lot of literature that explains the history of the company and its accomplishments. Readers are also made privy to the future goals of Ashworth and how they plan to continually advance conveyor belt science for years to come. Ashworth is currently working with the baking, container, poultry and the snack industries to provide the best material handling services possible. There conveyor systems are currently used in coolers, freezers and ovens, making it an integral part of the food industry.

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More – Thermal-Chemical Processing Tools

  • August 11, 2012 is the website of European manufacturer ASM International. Founded in 1968, ASM is a global supplier of semiconductor equipment, and ranked among the top 10 semiconductor manufacturers globally. has information about the company’s history, founding, and growth, beginning in Europe and eventually expanding worldwide. You can also read about their mission statement in their mission statement link.

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More – Advance Food Company

  • November 12, 2011

ADVF.comFounded in 1973, the Advance Food Company has a website, ADVF operates a nationwide distribution network and 7 manufacturing facilities in the United States while also selling their good to international markets in the Caribbean, Japan, Germany, Mexico, and Canada. The Advance Food Company produce almost 2000 different products made from veal, lamb, poultry, pork, and beef as well as a variety of bakery products. ADVF products include Philly steaks, mini products with buns, burgers and patties, un-breaded poultry, fajita strips, lamb and veal, fully cooked un-breaded, raw un-breaded, fully cooked entrees, and Certified Angus Beef.

The Bakery at includes cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and waffles. Bakery products are made “from scratch” and then frozen. ADVF bakery products are ready-to-serve with “perfect portions, menu options and guaranteed profits.” Pancakes include Buttermilk, Buffet Style Buttermilk, Blueberry, Gourmet Maple Bit, Home-style, Sweet Potato Cinnamon, Apple Filled, and Blueberry Filled Pancakes. ADVF waffle options are Square, All Natural Belgian, Belgian Waffle – Sweet Formula, and their standard Belgian Waffles. Cinnamon rolls are available from in 18 pound packs of 144 small (2 oz) cinnamon rolls and 15 pound packs of 60, large (4 oz) cinnamon rolls.

The website offering food solutions for not only restaurants but also convenience stores, the military, healthcare, colleges and universities, and school nutrition programs. The ADVF website also offers a rewards program which allows customers to earn points for every case of “eligible” ADVF products they purchase.

Foodservice Rewards points can be used towards the purchase of travel, gifts, and equipment. Customers may enroll for the program online. They simply choose their country and then click the “enroll now” button to fill out the online application. For more information, the website offers an email address for the Advance Food Company marketing department.

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More – AEMC Instrument Manufacturer

  • November 10, 2011

AEMC.comIf you need to purchase instruments that can be used for measurement and electrical testing purposes, may be what you’ve been looking for. You can shop at the AEMC website if you need accessories or other products. At present there is an inventory clearance sale taking place that offers up to 75% off on products such as clamp-on meters, multimeters, oscilloscopes, thermometers and other similar equipment. There is also a storefront contest happening at the AEMC website in which the winner would get a gift certificate worth twenty five dollars.

If you have come to the website for the purpose of shopping for the products that you need then you should head over straight to the “Our Products” section of the website. Here, many of the products offered by the website such as ground resistance testers, data loggers, calibration instruments, ratiometers, leakage current meters and so on are listed. You just need to click on the category of your choice and a list of products under that category would be displayed. On clicking the desired product one would get details such as features, applications and general description of the product. If you are satisfied with it then you can click on the AEMC “Buy” button.

The AEMC website is not only a place for shopping. If you have some technical questions then you can always write them your question or query via email. The email address is provided on the site. One of the most important aspects of instruments is accuracy which can be seen by watching it in action. Obviously no-one wants to make an investment only to realize later that it is wrong appliance. To help make sure that you get the right product, there is also an eye-catching blue button with rounded corners which says “product demos” on the homepage. You can click on this if you want to watch the videos depicting the demos of the products sold on the website.

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More – American Egg Board

  • November 10, 2011

AEB.orgHome of the incredible, edible egg, offers visitors information about the egg industry including the economic and nutritional value of eggs. The American Egg Board (AEB) provides consumers in the United States with hundreds of egg recipes, the applications and advantages of eggs, facts about egg production, and proper processing, handling and storage instructions for eggs. Educational articles and newsletters are also available on as well as FAQs about eggs, the realities and misconceptions about eggs, and spotlights of egg products.

The website also features a merchandise catalog. The American Egg Board shop has products in English and Spanish. It offers cook-booklets, egg recipe cards, egg recipe leaflets, education materials, general information, foodservice materials, and clothing from the Good Egg Project. Foodservice materials available through the site include an egg safety and quality chart, “The Eggceptional Egg” DVD, and a variety of recipe cards. “The Incredible, Edible Egg” and other promotional items are also available on the site including pencils, aprons, spatulas, shopping totes, stickers, balloons, and post-in notes. Items from the shop may be ordered by phone.

For foodservice professionals, the AEB website also offers eggy news stories, a Buyer’s Guide for Egg Products, Facts about egg production, a “Doneness” Guide, nutritional information, and an egg product information order form. The site also has egg safety information and allows folks to sign up for their “Breakfast Beat” Newsletter through an online registration form. Previous Breakfast Beat newsletters are also available on, all the way back to Newsletter #1 from May, 2009. AEB also offers the Eggstra! newsletter for retailers as well as a blog from the Food Manufacturer Team.

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More – Power Conversion Solutions

  • November 9, 2011

AEI.comWith their world headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, offer power conversion solutions for solar energy generation and thin-film plasma manufacturing. AEI also has a design, sales, and service office located in San Jose, California as well as manufacturing locations in Ontario, Canada; Vancouver, Washington, USA; Bend, Oregon, USA; Seoul, Korea; Shanghai, China; and Shenzhen, China. Additional AEI locations include Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan. Many people don’t realize it but thin films such as those manufactured by AEI are used not only in solar panels, but window glass, computers, and cell phones as well. offers a fact sheet about AE, including a business profile and corporate overview. The fact sheet, which is updated each quarter, also provides revenue by end market and quarterly revenue trend graphs as well as portfolios of Advanced Energy solutions and services. Media and investment contacts are also provided on the AE Fact Sheet along with sales and customer support locations. The entire fact sheet is available online as a PDF file.

For people interested in working at Advanced Energy, the offers detailed career opportunity information. Users may search current opportunities, create a candidate profile, or update their already existing candidate profile. Users may also register for the AEI website in order to receive emails and news from AE. Registration requires that users also confirm their email and opt-in through an email sent to them from after registration. Detailed information about the company culture, benefits, training and development, career development, and internships with AE are also available on the AEI website. When searching for job opportunities on, users may search by keyword, functional area, hierarchy level, country, location, and employee type.

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More – Customized Interconnect Solutions

  • November 8, 2011

Advanced.comAdvanced Interconnections has been providing interconnect solutions for electronics for more than 25 years, and now the company also has a website, The patented designs from Advanced Interconnections are technologically advanced and built to ensure high levels of reliability for board-to-board and device-to-board applications, as well as during development, testing, and validation. Visitors to the website can browse their custom solutions for interconnect apps and semiconductor development in aerospace, security, military, telecom, industrials, medical, automotive, and other electronic markets using their wide variety of interconnect designs that are application-specific as well as their IC sockets, terminals, adapters, and other connectors.

Visitors to have the option to sign up to the email list to receive product news from the company. Visitors may also search for products by part number, or browse products by category. Categories of products from Advanced Interconnections Corp include Terminal and Test Jacks, Peel-A-Way Removable Carriers, Image Sensor Sockets, and Board-to-Board Connectors. They also have Relay Sockets, SIP Sockets and Adapters, DIP Sockets and Adapters, PGA Sockets and Adapters, and BGA Socketing Systems. Product descriptions are available in English, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

When it comes to the environment, provides a thorough Policy Statement regarding their green initiatives and environmental directives. They have already eliminated the use of lead and other hazardous substances from the development and manufacturer of their electronic products. Visitors to the Advanced Interconnections site can download and view a copy of their REACH Declaration Form as well. REACH stands for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals” and it is a regulation from the European Union which addresses the use and production of chemical substances and their impact on the environment and human health.

For further information about Advanced Interconnections, offers a US telephone number and an email address for inquiries.

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More – Adapt Electronics Products

  • October 11, 2011

Adapt.deBased in Germany, Adapt Electronik makes their electronics products available to the world through their website at The Adapt website is available in English or German, (although even with the English version, some parts of the website are still in German). Adapt Electronik was founded in 1972 by Eberhard Kopf. Their original product, the “System 300” was a solder connector and, at the time, it was made completely by hand and available in a range of lengths. Today, the company offers a flexible flat cable, potting, molding, soldable connectors, plug-in connectors, and application reports for their products.

For people interested in working at Adapt, they have a career center on the website with offers information on current job openings as well and contact information for “outstanding applicants” who would like to submit their resume or inquire further about careers with the company. Adapt also offers apprenticeship opportunities and they currently have seven men and women working in apprentice Industrial Clerk positions. The Industrial Clerk apprenticeship program with Adapt lasts for 3 years. also mentions an internship for “Mechanotrician,” although no English translation or further information is provided on the website for this position. The Adapt site also provides information about their work placement program along with contact information for interested parties.

Also provided on the Adapt website is information regarding the ECOPROFIT project. The ECOlogical Project For Integrated Environmental Technology (ECOPROFIT) was initiated as an environmental management system and Adapt has been a member of the project since 2009. provides a link to the ECOPROFIT website, (which is available in both English and German), for people who would like to learn more about the project.

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More – AED – Advanced Electronic Designs

  • October 10, 2011

Advanced.proFrom initial concept through manufacturing, the engineering team at can complete single project phases or entire programs. Advanced Electronic Design (AED) can help manage subcontractors or supply EMI testing for FCC pre-certification. The Advanced team can help with project definition, cost analysis, hardware design, firmware / FPGA design, quality and testing, and manufacturing. When it comes to manufacturing, the folks at can handle low volumes or work with other manufacturers to help streamline production and reduce costs.

Visitors to the website may browse AED’s portfolio, view a Brady Bunch Themed video introducing the Advanced Electronic Design staff, and read news and articles about the company. The Advanced site also features a “Floobydust” page which they claim is “a contemporary term derived from the archaic Latin ‘miscellaneous’.” Apparently some engineers at National Semiconductor came up with the term in the 1970s to mean “mixed bag” and that is certainly a great way to describe the Floobydust page on – it’s a mixed bag. From a webcam of the AED office to “Poem Wars” and “Jon’s Costco Ice Cream Challenge,” the Floobydust page offers hours? or at the very least, full minutes of entertainment.

On the more serious side of things, also offers detailed information about the services their engineering team provide, as well as their invitation to “Throw a seemingly unsolvable challenge AED’s way and they’ll thank you for the entertainment,” because, as the website goes on to say, “AED truly has fun doing serious engineering.”

Advanced Electronic Designs, Inc. is located in Bozeman, Montana, and they encourage visitors. Not only does offer their address, phone number, fax number, and email address, but it also supplies a map, detailed driving directions and contact info for local hotels.

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More – Computer Input Devices

  • October 10, 2011

Adesso.comWith their headquarters in California and a website at, Adesso is a leading manufacturer of input peripherals for computers. Adesso products include audio / video input, handwriting input, and data input devices such as high performance graphic tablets, touch pads, trackballs, fingerprint and barcode scanner, webcams, mice and a variety of keyboards. Adesso keyboards include foldable, waterproof, wireless, programmable, industrial, ergonomic and other innovative devices. For POS (point of sale), kiosks, industrial uses, travel, and presentations, Adesso has quickly become a leader amongst suppliers of computer input devices.

Adesso products may be purchased through their website, directly or through, mWave, PC Mail, Amazon, TigerDirect, CDW, and Insight. Adesso devices are additionally available by mail order through PC Connection, PC Mail, and CDW and in major retail locations such as Micro Center and Fry’s Computers.

Support options available on include an extensive FAQ to help customers find answers to common questions immediately, as well as driver and software manuals, and shipping information. The website also offers a helpdesk, where users may submit a new ticket and track their history and product inquiry status. Adesso Technical Support may also be by the toll free number or email address provided on Tech Support office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM until 5:30 PM, PST. is available in English, French, and Spanish. Users may register for the site in order to register their products, and / or to receive email updates about drivers, product information, promotions, and rebates. Folks interested in employment with Adesso may browse open positions in the “Careers” section of the website. features information about the benefits of working for them as well as a fax number and email address to submit resumes for interested parties.

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More – ADC and Tyco Electronics Connectivity

  • October 1, 2011

ADC was recently acquired by TE Connectivity (Tyco Electronics); however their website, is currently still being maintained and updated. The folks at ADC design, manufacture and install a variety of telecommunications products around the world. Their fiber, copper, and cables are used by broadcasters, service providers and other companies. TE Connectivity is one of the top providers for undersea telecommunication systems, engineered electronic components, and network solutions in over 150 countries.

Together, TE Connectivity and ADC offer networking solutions through such as copper infrastructure, broadcast connectivity, fiber infrastructure, structured cabling, power distribution devices, wireless coverage and capacity products. ADA also offers professional services including planning, deployment, and maintenance services for their clients.

ADC provides connectivity devices and products for a range of industries such as wireless service providers, telecommunications, original equipment manufacturers, enterprise, cable TV and MSOs (including FTTP and FTTN), and broadcasters (audio, video, data, etc). For service providers and businesses interested in obtaining a quote from ADC, they offer an online “Request a Quote” form on which allows interested parties to enter items (or a description of the items needed), the ADC catalog number of the items (if known) and the quantity of items needed. After the form has been submitted online, a representative from ADC will contact the person who submitted the inquiry in order to provide the quote and discuss purchasing options.

Visitors to the ADC website may also find a reseller or distributor from their listings of broadcast, TrueNet, Quareo, and other service providers. Visitors to may also utilize ADC’s online contact form or call ADC directly using the toll free telephone numbers provided on the website.

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More – Finding Spenders In A Down Economy

  • July 8, 2009

FactoryLeads.comWith the economy in a major slump, finding companies with money to spend is becoming very difficult for industrial suppliers. Factory Leads has realized this need and searches for, organizes and compiles a daily list of companies which are expanding their operations or opening new facilities.

For the sales person, this saves time and resources as they can focus their selling efforts on producing accounts, instead of accounts that are closing or laying off workers.

In addition, the site utilizes to find key contacts within these expanding companies. Finding the right people to contact within an organization is extremely difficult and time consuming. With the Jigsaw service, the salesperson can quickly find contacts who can give them a venue to sell their equipment and services.

All in all, a service which is very suited to the harsh economic climate that every company big or small is having to weather. A visit to it will certainly be a productive one for those looking into expanding their outreach.

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More – Factory Built Homes

  • July 29, 2008

CavalierHomeBuilders.comWould you like to buy a new house? Cavalier Home Builders, LLC, provides you with a wide range of prefabricated homes. Enter and find information about the modular building options manufactured by this company. You can find the modular home you want by number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage, and get floor plans as well.

Are you looking for a modular home? If that is your case, on you can learn more about this company and its housing solutions. Pay this site a visit and search for the available prefabricated houses, and find the nearest Cavalier Homes dealer.

Feel free to stop by this site in case you want to buy a modular home. Enter, and take a look at some of the available modular homes. Then, if you are interested in buying one of these prefabricated homes, this site gives you the chance to search for local dealers.

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More – New Manufactured Homes

  • July 28, 2008

FactoryExpoDirect.comIf you are looking for a nationally recognized leader in the production of comfortable, convenient, and contemporary mobile homes and modular homes, you have got to the right virtual point. Factoryexpodirect.

com is the manufactured and mobiles home source that excels at delivering first rate design, engineering, quality, and value. Its experience combined with its commitment to construction excellence ensures that your home will truly be a home of champions. Through this site you’ll access a wide selection of homes, including detailed material available for you to make a good choice for your future. On the left hand side of your screen you will be able to get floor plans, model photos, and the most convenient location across the country. To access the full list of homes available you should click the links at the bottom of the homepage, where you’ll be lead to specific sections for manufactured homes for sale, mobile homes, park homes, park model homes, and more.

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More – Advance Ware Technologies

  • July 24, 2008

AdvanceWare.netAdvance Ware Technologies presents the AdvancePro. It is a set of features that cover all areas of your business from administrative functions, customer order and vendor order management, through the complete inventory, warehouse, and manufacturing processes, including business intelligence, mobility, reporting, QuickBooks integrations, and much more.

You can do everything you need to do, including: buying, selling, and shipping, through one of the most graphic intensive and straight forward interfaces available in the market. Advance Ware Technologies also carries other products, including: APMobile, APIntelligence, V7 New Features, Hardware, and many things more; you can learn more about them at the product category. Along with the Product category you will find other sections such as: e-Commerce Integration, Demos and Evaluations, Case Studies and Testimonials, Free Trial, Buy Now, and Contact Us. Some of its partners are:, Gold QuickBooks,, Gauss Soft, and True Commerce. At the homepage you will find quick links to its partners’ websites in case you want to learn more about them.

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More – Strong Magnets For Less

  • July 22, 2008

Magnet4Less.comApplied Magnets is a global leader of manufacturing and distribution of all types of standard and customized neodymium magnets. They only make and distribute Japanese patent licensed neodymium magnets that are manufactured in state of the art ISO certified magnet manufacturing facilities.

You can explore the website by browsing the categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are: Neodymium Magnets, Ceramic Magnets, SmCo Cobalt Magnets, Flexible Magnets, Magnetic Tools and Assemblies, Wind and Solar Power Products, Magnet Wire Spools, Power Inverters, Clearance Products, Magnets for Sale, and AINiCo Magnets. In order to learn more about the products, models, prices, and features, just visit the online catalogue. If you don’t find the neodymium magnets you were looking for, just submit your order through the custom order request form located at the Custom Orders Form section. You can join their mailing list to receive the latest news and updates directly to your e-mail inbox.

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More – Online Temporary Tattoos Provider

  • June 24, 2008

Tattoosales.comTattoo Manufacturing Inc. is a company that deals in temporary tattoos.

The customer can request custom logo tattoos, or buy the ones he likes best from the provided selections which can be browsed through online. These include a wide range of motifs, such as hearts, angels, fairies and other conventional tattoo fare. In addition to that, the full catalog can be downloaded for offline consultation. Conversely, there are guidelines for submitting a design both via e-mail and by regular mail if the customer opts for designing his own tattoo. Said guidelines also detail how to request specific effects. Other products that the Tattoo Manufacturing Inc. deals in include watercolour paint sheets, scratch off cards and pocket planner calendars. These can be perused and eventually ordered online by following the provided links. Lastly, the shipping and handling policies that the company adheres to are clearly set down in the respective section. The company ships worldwide, and the fees that apply are described online.

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More – Management News

  • June 21, 2008

Manufacturing.netSo you think that it would be good for you to learn about manufacturing, so you could be able to figure out one or two things about management. So if that´s the case then you should really try this website.

Here at you will be able to learn all there is to learn about management news and you can begin asking where to find the service that you need. Just get online today and you will see what we are talking about. There are plenty of services for you offered at and every single one of them could be extremely useful and even life saving. So what are you waiting for? Just listen to my advice and take a look at You will see that it´s easy and simple to ask about management and really start learning. So check it out this night, you won´t be disappointed.

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