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  • May 27, 2011 is a social network for sharing these things that make you feel glad all over you are alive. Somehow, the site stands somewhere halfway between Facebook and Twitter as you can create an account and befriend people, and then make micro-posts in which you explain why there are things that make a happier person out of you. In principle, discussions on this site revolve around seven main things: being thankful, eating health food, connecting with wisdom, meditating, leading an active lifestyle, sticking to routines and using mantras. That is what people always talk about on the site, and it must be said that discussions tend to be quite informative.

This turns into a more than interesting resource for those who do not really believe in positive thinking and the actual channeling of positive energy – here, they will become acquainted with such concepts in a way that is anything but pedantic or overbearing. It will be just people like them explaining things in clear terms.

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