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  • November 26, 2008 is dedicated to dudes across the globe.

Every man gets judged by how much money they make, but money is not the only thing that proves a man’s worth. This site is here to settle the score. Every man knows their Tax Bracket, but do they know what the ManBracket is?

ManBracket will tell you where you rank in manliness. You can take a quiz and find out just how much of a man you are (at least in terms of what the site thinks is manly). On the site you’ll be able to find out about all things man by participating in the forums, reading the ManBlog, watching man appropriate videos, and buy some ManBracket gear from the online store.

Additionally, ManBracket is a site for men to share their hilarious debauchery stories. Men can read members’ stories and if they are man enough they can submit their very own. The site is getting ready to launch a cash prize for the story of the week so if you think you’ve got a great story that proves just how big a man you are, get ready to tell all.

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