$900,000 Says Waygo Visual Translator App Is The Way To Go

  • July 25, 2013

Some startups are truly magic. I have gazed into the crystal screen of an iPhone and seen the future of translation apps. Prepare to be amazed. Prepare for your language woes to disappear. Saw the time it takes to decipher a foreign menu in half (at least). Watch closely as I reveal the new best trick…

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  • April 8, 2009 is an interesting online resource that provides you with a flexible Chinese lessons service with highly qualified and rigorously assessed native Chinese teachers

In case you decide to learn Chinese, this site gives you many benefits.

You will have the chance to learn without having to travel in order to go to the class, and you will not have the always inconvenient rigid booking and cancellation rules. In addition to this, you will avoid significant upfront fees, as well as boring learning topics, in addition to the need of software to download, etc.

Over two years, this company has developed a robust, dedicated proprietary VoIP and billing platform that will give you the possibility to login from any computer, directly from your browsers to access 200+ strictly-assessed native Chinese teachers. offers its members the choice to have imaginative lessons relevant to them and their jobs, with teachers who can also speak our student’s native language, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Estonian and many others.

In case you want to learn more about this online resource you will be able to do that at on

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More – Chinese Characters

  • March 20, 2009

www.ArchChinese.comOn this website you will get all the information you need in order to animate stroke order for ALL the Chinese characters. These characters are defined in the national standard character set of mainland China.

The site includes the 7,000 most frequently-used characters in the traditional Chinese character set.

Learning Chinese is not an easy task, and you are going to need some help in order to be able to use all the Chinese language characters in a correct way. This is a very interesting and powerful tool that has been developed with the intention to offer flexible Chinese-English two-way search capabilities. This is the only site on the internet that gives you the possibility to generate Chinese handwriting worksheets with stroke sequences, Pinyin and English definitions.

You will be able to find Chinese characters in a very easy way as well as to search by character components, along with flexible sorting and grouping functionality. The world is changing fast and learning Chinese seems to be a convenient thing. This is a very useful tool for you to do that.

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