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More – Create To Do Lists Easily

  • July 15, 2009

IzzyToDo.comIzzyTodo can be termed a new and easy to use to-do list builder which is available at no cost. It allows users to build unlimited to-do lists with unlimited items.

IzzyToDo can be used to organize live events or projects, and as it is the rule for such apps to catch on, it’s easy to use and intuitive enough.

The programmer told me that he originally developed it just for himself, in order to organize his notes, which he kept in many notebooks, yellow pages, and his cell phone. As he told me “I simply get lost in all notes – I noted something and simply forgot about that after few days, as in the same notebook. IzzyTodo is a simple tool which finally made it more clean, I can add unlimited projects and each project can have unlimited todo items, which can be easily rearranged, removed or checked as done.”

That is true – IzzyToDo lets you add new targets, and simple click and drag them to the corresponding place, depending on the degree of priority. It works quite well on the whole, so that if you have been looking for a simple way to get your tasks in order this site might help you achieve your goals.

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More – Manage Your To-dos Smoothly

  • March 25, 2009

Pat.ioIf getting your tasks done is a source of constant frustration, you should resort to any of the many organizers that can be procured for free online. The way things stand right now, you won’t actually have to download anything – 99 % of the available solutions are browser-based.

That is the case of, a newcomer to the scene that aims to keep things as simple as possible.

The programmer defines is as “a minimalist to-do app designed around a paper system that I have been using for some time”. The whole approach revolves around the concept of “shifts”, items that are added to the list and that you are not ready to handle right now. They are included so that you remember about them. These tasks are moved off the list and reappear the next day until you can take care of them.

This solution is always going to be available at no cost, yet some advanced features might eventually be added and these will come at a fixed price. The programmer says the price will always be an affordable one, but these features will really have to be very well-devised. After all, there are a wealth of related applications that offer full functionalities for free. Let’s see what these features are and whether or not they will merit the price tag.

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