More – Date Your Friends

  • March 3, 2011

MakeUsDate.comMake Us Date is a new service that will let you find your other half among those you are already friends with on Facebook. The premise here is quite simple (and quite appealing, too): you are allowed to select the friends that you would like to date, without them knowing that you are the one who is interested. All that they will know is that someone is keen on dating them. What happens next is that they can also individualize the friends that they want to date themselves. And it is only if they pick you that your identity will be revealed. An email will be sent out, notifying each other of such a fact.

The one advantage a system like this one has is entirely obvious: not that many would date an utter stranger, much less in a context like Facebook in which things often are not what they seem. But a friend? That is a whole different story. The main barriers are already taken down. It is just a matter of asking. And asking becomes the easiest thing in the world thanks to a service like this one.

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