More – Yet Another Links Aggregator

  • August 14, 2009

MakeMyLink.comLink sharing services and aggregators are so widespread that one can’t help but think if it is necessary to come across a different one every five minutes. In a certain sense, the user is the one who benefits the most as having so many resources to choose from means that he will be able to pick one that articulates his aesthetic vision perfectly, and that will feel like home first time around.

If you still haven’t found that spot for you online, you might as well check this site and see whether or not it catches your fancy.

Its dynamics are actually not that hard to apprehend – it lets you bookmark pages and save the links not just for later personal reference but also because that way others will be able to benefit from those. These links can be voted upon, and the most popular ones eventually make it to the front page. Nothing new or groundbreaking, but as effective as any other aggregator you can find on the World Wide Web today.

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