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More – Deluxe Cosmetic Products

  • February 1, 2012 has become a successful business model because of the innovative use it gave to internet for selling cosmetics. Their founders, two young women graduated from Harvard Business School, saw that the beauty industry found it hard to step firmly into e-commerce.

It’s true when you think about it. Selling books or music online allows to offer parts of a text or audio samples to help the buyer decide for the purchase of that product. Even clothing can photograph fine looking models wearing the products for sale.

But how could cosmetic and perfume sellers make clients sense the smell of their products? There’s no way to upload and download that. So those responsible of the idea at Birchbox thought that if users had at least some product samples, they would feel sure about their buying choices.

The business works as follows. By subscribing to Birchbox, you will receive monthly a small pack of products. This subscription will cost $10  a month. For it you will receive from four to five hand picked deluxe items right to your door. In that way, you can order online the cosmetics you want with certainty about what you will get, but with interesting price benefits too.‘s website offers a simple though good looking design. Two menus are displayed at the top of the site, one shows you different sections, such as a magazine with articles of related topics, or another one where all the brands available are showcased. The second menu goes to the point of showing the different categories of products, like “Hair”, “Body” or “Sking care” among others.

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More – Beauty Tips And Advice

  • July 30, 2008

BeautyTipsOnline.comAs you might’ve guessed already by the name of this site, is a site that provides with beauty tips for women.

Here you can access to a series of free articles and resources featuring tips and advice for almost any kind of beauty and personal care need. The content of the site is sorted into different categories such as Fashion, Cosmetics, Pedicures, Skin Care, Weight Loss, and Common Myths, among many others. You can simply browse trough this categories and read all the available articles on each one of them. In addition to this, here you can find a collection of links to related websites as well as reviews about different beauty products. They are made by the creators of the site and sorted into Skin Care Products, Hair Care and Hair Coloring, Makeup, and Personal Care Products. Finally, in case you have any inquiry or you wish to make any submission, here you can find all their contact details.

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More – Naturally Yours Skin Care

  • July 1, 2008

ESkinStore.comYou can stop looking everywhere for the best skin products, because now you can find them all at only one site. ESkinStore.

com is a website that offers more than 8500 carefully selected products of the most advanced skin care brands such as: Obagi, Caudalie, Decleor, Carita, MD Formulations, Roc, and many more. You can take advantage of their members’ rewards points, quantity rewards, and free gifts. At the left hand side of the homepage you will find a list with all the featured brands, the product categories, and other section that allows you browse by price. The product categories, located also at the top of the homepage, include products related to skin care, organics, make up, hair care, fragrance, beauty and diet, men, skin condition, application area, and more. You can manage your account with the tools provided at the top of the homepage that include shipping policy, My Orders, My Favorites, My Account, and View Cart.

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More – Beauty Supplies

  • June 28, 2008

Discount-Beauty.comAre you looking for a site where you can find the type of beauty and hair care supplies you like at prices that you can afford? If you want to find great quality products at great prices, is the place to go.

This online store carries a wide variety of quality brand name products that you know and love at truly affordable prices. Whether you need make-up, skin care, or hair care products, this store has you covered. The selection they have is incredibly large and not only do they have great products you also have high quality equipment like flat irons, brushes, curling irons, and much more. You’ll find brands like Bed Head, American Crew, OPI, Catwalk, Rusk, Bain de Terre, ISO, Pureology, as well as many other well- know salon quality brands. You can order all of the products online or visit their two store locations in Forney and Terrell, Texas.

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More – Quality Beauty Products

  • June 25, 2008

SleekHair.comDo you want to buy hair products online Are you looking for hair care supplies at discount prices? In that case, this online store seems to be worthy of a try. is an e-commerce where you can buy all sorts of hair products including shampoos and conditioners.

Furthermore, on Sleek Hair you can also purchase dry shampoos, iron straighteners and hairsprays in addition to styling pastes and serums. This website features different brands including Bumble and Bumble, L’oreal, Abba and 911 as well as Lanza and Alto Bella. Notice this website also sells gift certificates of different prices.

Are you looking for hair care supplies? Would you like to buy hair products online? If that is the case, you may want to visit in order to buy L’oreal shampoos and conditioners in addition to Bumble and Bumble pastes and Serums. Moreover, offers curling irons and iron straighteners.

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More – Everyday Minerals

  • June 20, 2008

Everydayminerals.comSummer is about to come; if you want to look just wonderful this season, you should definitely take a look at this site. Everydayminerals.

com is an online store which carries an array of mineral-based make up, cosmetics, and a wide range of beauty products. Visit the website to see the great things you can find here. Buying beauty products online, it’s not an easy task; for instance you can not try how the color of an eye shadow really looks in your skin. However, offers really great products, at unbeatable low prices, so it won’t cause any harm if at least you take a look at this site, to see what they have to offer. While you are on this site, don’t forget to check the featured products displayed at the homepage of the site. As this is an online store, the first step you have to take in order to place your order, is to create your own account. Once you have one, you have to log in. Check the shipping policy for your area.

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More – Get Your Favorite Fragrance

  • June 18, 2008

PerfumeCenter.comAre you one of those people that has a distinctive scent they like to wear or do you have many different perfumes that you wear depending on the occasion? Either way, at Perfume Center you’ll be able to find a wide selection of quality fragrances to suit your needs. Some people prefer sweet scented perfumes, others like soft floral scents or even citrus inspired fragrances.

Whatever you perfume preference is, you’re sure to find something you like here. There aren’t only perfumes for women either. Men have a wide selection of colognes and perfumes to pick from as well. All of the best brands are represented so whether you want to give someone you care about a thoughtful gift, or treat yourself to something new, you’ll have lots to choose from. The site also carries a variety of bath and body products including soaps, bath oils, shower gels, and more, as well as skin care products such as lotions, exfoliants, make-up, and also candles.

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More – Health and Beauty Supplies

  • June 18, 2008

NaturalWellbeing.comAre you looking for natural products to improve the way you look and feel? If you would like a natural alternative to the products you normally use, this online store has exactly what you’re looking for. On this site you’ll find products that will help you look and feel your best.

Are you tired of shaving or waxing? If you need to get rid of unsightly hair, you can try the various lines of hair removal products containing natural ingredients. If, on the other hand, you’d like to stop your hair from falling out, this store has something for you as well. offers products that will help you regain your sex drive, get rid of acne, make your skin silky smooth, fight the effects of aging, lower your cholesterol, and much more. You can also find a complete line of professional make-up including lip gloss, eye shadow, blush, cleansers, and more.

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More – Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

  • June 12, 2008

Janeiredale.comSummer is the time of the year when all women want to look just wonderful, that is why you just can’t miss of checking out this website; you will fall in love with everything you will find here. Janeiredale.

com offers you the most incredible line of beauty products and a great make up line. Visit the website to see all the great things it has to offer. Feel free to explore the entire site and find everything you need to make you not only look but feel wonderful. While you are navigating through this site don’t forget to check their latest collection. All at the most unbeatable low prices like you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The site is quite easy to navigate, so you will find any thing you need without any major problems. Website features include; products, what’s new, Jane’s Guide, where to buy as well as events, why minerals, and much more.

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More – Sugar Shoes & Make Up

  • June 4, 2008

Sugarshoes.comsummer is about to come; if you are looking for a great place where you can find the most stylish shoes, sandals and accessories of this season, you don’t need to look any further because you have just come to the right one! The sugar shoes collection feature girly, contemporary footwear for those who love a little whimsy and love to show off their unique, individual style. In addition to shoes, Sugar also offers a complete line of make up to make you look just great.

Visit the website to see their online catalog. The layout of the site it’s really great, besides, every item comes with a displaying picture so you can feel really comfortable shopping online. If you are interested you can also subscribe to their email list so you can receive their latest news and events announcements, as well as special offers and discounts right at your email inbox. Visit the website for further information.

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More – Beauty And Make Up Tips

  • May 26, 2008

Beautyassist.comFor all you woman (and men, why not?) out there looking for beauty and make up tips, look no further, because this website is exactly what you need. Beautyassist.

com is a site entirely devoted to give beauty and cosmetic tips for almost every case. Here you can find hundreds of articles about topics like skin, cosmetics, hair, celebrities, aromatherapy, hair styles, acne, and plastic surgery, among many others. The website is divided into all this different categories, so finding what you are looking for is very simple. All the content of the website is free and anyone can leave comments on any of the articles. In order to get even more beauty tips, you can also access their Beauty blog, where you can find even more advices. Finally, in order to submit your own beauty tips or leave comments or suggestions, you can get here all the contact info of the team behind this site.

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More – Everything For The Sims

  • May 17, 2008

Parsimonious.orgAre you a Sims fan? Looking for a site where you can have access to a wide variety of content not only for Sims 1 but also for Sims 2? If so, you have arrived to the right place. Parsimonious.

org is a fan site for The Sims 1 and Sims 2. On this site you will have access to unique downloads, furniture, clothing, make-up, and houses, among many other useful content. One of its main attraction is that everything you can come across on this site is complete free of charge. To get started you need to select one of the given sections, once you have done that, you just have to click on the photo in order to being able to download it. In addition the site has a section where you can find information such as how to install what you have downloaded. By subscribing to their newsletter, you will be able to receive update notices as well as other news and info.

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More – Woman’s Web Site

  • February 26, 2008

BeautyFeast.comAre you looking for health and beauty high quality products and information? If so, then you have reached to the perfect web site. BeautyFeast.

com is aimed to provide its customers with everything you might imagine regarding health and beauty, such as, products, useful skin care tips, make up tips, aromatherapy, and hair care tips just to name a few. The site has a well-organized categorization in order to help customers find what they need quickly. It also offers its useful and advanced search engine at the top right side of the web site. In addition, users are enabled to become members and receive a wide range of benefits, such as getting free e-books, receiving the last breaking news in their email inbox and receiving products catalogs among others. Don’t loose your time and money start searching this wonderful and useful web site now!

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More – Cosmetics

  • February 24, 2008 is a site aimed at providing people with a lifestyle brand, which offers a wide variety of cosmetic products.

On this site you will be able to search for skincare products, bath & body products, fragrances, hair care products and make up, among others. They have organized their products from a to z, in order to make your search effortless. Payment methods include the most important credit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard. They are currently offering free shipping on purchases over $50. By becoming a member you will be able to enjoy several benefits such as a free sample at check out, receive a birthday gift or offer each year, store a personal address book and view your order status and rewards, among others. If you want to be the first to hear about new philosophy product, just subscribe to their newsletter.

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More – Online Make Up Store

  • February 16, 2008

BenefitCosmetics.comDo you want to have the best make up ever at retail prices and buy them from the warmth of your home? Then you might want to check out this web page and see what it can do for you because it could be just what you are looking for. Benefitcosmetics.

com sells the latest makeup creations. In this site you can search for lists of new products stored by bestsellers, new arrivals, and prices high to low and in alphabetical order. You can request a free benefit catalog, and order directly from it. Use the find a store section to find the nearest store where you can get these products. They provide all types of make up: eye makeup, lips and cheeks makeup as well as foundation, concealer, shimmer and palettes. They also have makeup accessories, such as brushes and bags. You can visit their tips and treats section in order to know how to improvise a make up for you to look good in any circumstance.

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More – Beauty Consultants

  • February 10, 2008

BeautiPage.comWould you like to buy spa products online? Are you looking for health and beauty products at low prices? If that happens to be true, the official website of BeautiControl might be a good option for you to keep in mind. offers a wide variety of spa treatments, as well as personalized skin care and advanced anti-aging products at low prices.

Many users stop by this site to search for beauty products including cosmetics and skin care creams, in a very simple way. In case you are looking for spa services and treatments, make sure you give a try.

To sum up, next time you are looking for an online store you can use to buy a wide variety of personalized skin care and advanced anti-aging products, you will find a good site to visit. Then, if you want to find beauty products at low prices, take a look at this site.

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More – Virtual Makeover

  • December 25, 2007

Instyle.comAre you into the Hollywood world? Do you want to get the latest celebrity news? Therefore, you might want to try this fashion blog out and find all breaking news and gossips regarding Hollywood actors, actresses and singers. What is more, features information about classic fashion trends and 2009 fashion trends.

Furthermore, In Style is a site that provides you with images and video regarding Nicolas Cage, Lady Gaga and Madonna in addition to Catherine Zeta Hones and Brad Pitt. Are you looking for the latest fashion trends? Then, you can visit and buy fall and winter fashion shoes and blouses in addition to hats and trousers.

As a conclusion, if you are looking for the latest fashion news and celebrity gossips you can enter this site and find fashion information. What is more, on you can buy clothing and read information about the latest fashion trends.

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More – Modeling Magazine

  • December 25, 2007

Jurgita.comIn case you are a teenager dreaming about being a model, or just looking for information about the best modeling agencies in your area, might be an interesting site for you to visit. This is the official website of Jurgita Jurksaite Kiguole, and its online magazine where you will find glamour and fashion related articles, and a list of the most recognized modeling professionals worldwide.

On you will find a directory of modeling agencies, advertising agencies, stylists and photographers in your area. Besides, this site has a list of featured male and female models, and aspiring talents including actors and singers, as well as dancers and entertainers.

Therefore, in case you are a teenager looking for model castings and acting auditions in your area, this website might be helpful for you. Remember next time you need a directory of the best modeling agencies and talent agencies in your city.

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More – Cosmetic critique & forum

  • December 14, 2007 is a site that performs two main functions: first is reviewing cosmetics and skin care products of all major brands, including detailed analysis of ingredients.

You can search them by brand, type of product or by the page’s rating, and get detailed information on money-worth, whether the formula is irritating or not, and what it does, or promises to do and doesn’t. The other large area of the site is devoted to selling make up and beauty products developed by the site’s brand (Paula’s choice), which is shipped worldwide. Other cool features to be found in this page include makeup tips and recommendations, hair care solutions plus information on sun protection. The site is also available in Spanish.

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