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More – A Smooth Way To Create & Sign Contracts

  • May 28, 2010

Agree2.comTraditionally, getting a contract done over long distances is tricky if only because agreeing on anything is twice as difficult when you are not talking with the other person face to face. The biggest difficulty of negotiating online lies in sending communications back and forth with corrections and modifications that the other has then to approve.

The process can take forever if done over communication channels like email. As such, the existence of applications like the one under review right now is only logical.

Essentially, it will let you get a contract negotiated and signed in just four clear and concrete steps. These are: 1) The creation of the contract, 2) The act of inviting the other party, 3) The negotiation itself, and 4) The act of signing the contract up.

Creating the contract is very simple since you can use a template where all the basic points are fully covered, and inviting the client or supplier is a mere matter of providing his email. The negotiation is done by posting comments and replying to them in a unified location – everything is in the same place, nothing spills over other sites. Finally, the signatures are applied digitally, and all related evidence is stored in case it needs to be used again in the future.

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