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Green Image Solutions – Eco-friendly Office Products

  • October 3, 2008

Green Image was formed with the philosophy of helping companies create a ‘green image’ for themselves through the use of innovative, no hassle, free recycling programs and purchases of essential eco-friendly office products.

The site offers companies the possibility of purchasing products including OEM and compatible ink and toner, thermal fax rolls, copier toner, printer and POS ribbon, fusers and maintenance kits.

By getting on the recycling bandwagon and using eco-friendly products, companies can actually increase their profits. The people behind the site are ‘eco-preneurs’ who feel that in order to be a great company, you have to be a good company by being a good corporate citizen.

The site’s founders believe that it is possible for companies to reduce costs and increase profit by being green, not to mention help out the planet in the process. If you have a company and a want to make a difference, take a look at and get informed.

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