More – Food in equals food out

  • September 12, 2007

Simpleweight.comIf you are tired of weight loss gimmicks and just want to live a balanced healthy life while simply managing body weight then might be your solution.

Their theory is that to maintain a healthy body and life, food (calories eaten) in should equal food out (food out). Users keep a food log, a log for physical activity and a log of their weight. The food log is helpful because once the food eaten, it is plugged in by using the growing food database, and then calories, fats, sugars, carbohydrates and other important vitamins and minerals are calculated by the program. The database can be personalized by adding recipes or specific foods bought by the members. The idea is that by tracking habits, inputs, outputs and results (weight) those trying to lose weight are stay organized and in control of their weight. Aside from keeping track of personal stats, users are encouraged to create a support group of friends and family. The community is built on personal referrals, and will pay members $5.00 per referral if they stay past the 30-day money back guarantee period. does not offer anything more than a tracking device and specific health statistics, but if users are self-motivated this program will be a great tool.

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More – Mobile Phone Food and Fitness

  • September 12, 2007

Nutrax.comAre you having trouble maintaining a comfortable weight? Are you looking for support and convenience while still being encouraged to eat? Nutrax has a smart new solution that shares the fitness goals and responsibilities with dedicated members. This is not a get thin quick program – it’s about learning what a healthy lifestyle feels like and looks like as an individual.

The flashiest idea, the first of the basic three steps, is snapping a photo of every meal eaten and exercise done with a camera phone. The information is uploaded into the Nutrax program and becomes part of a concrete food diary that does not require remembering, lying or handwriting. When the food photos and information is in the program, the user immediately sees an analysis of their food, exercise and other important health statistics. In this step, Nutrax members can learn about what they are putting into their body and how these inputs continue to effect the rest of the body and lifestyle. The third step is planning goals to live a healthy life and find changes that can be made to improve the physical condition. At this point, health professionals come in to inform users how research applies to their lifestyle and diet, and they are available around the clock for support.

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