More – Discover Artists That Are Starting Out

  • June 4, 2010

Uvumi.comMusic that is yet to become mainstream has a definitive appeal of its own. The bands who create it stands as one of the true bastions of idealism within any genre, as their vision hasn’t yet been contaminated by the pressures that the industry will impose upon them once they gain recognition and the desperate search for suitable follow-up singles begins.

I don’t remember who said it at this time, but the person who exclaimed that the artist who has no success is the most successful artist of all did really have a point to make.

Well, this site will let you come across musicians that are on nobody’s radar yet. They are featured as part of a database that you can search according to the genre that you are keener on, and some are also spotlighted on the main page. There are also a series of charts that you can check in order to learn which of these artists are arising the most interest among people who try the site.

All in all, this is the kind of website that no fan of music in its most idealistic form could afford to miss. Those who are keen on the sound of The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus should steer clear of it. The rest must definitely pay it a visit.

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Che Sing The Cool Blog –

  • August 7, 2009

Che Sing The Cool BlogWhat is the best thing about the many music blogs that you can find online today? The answer is an easy one. They are a truly passionate source of information, kept by people who live and breathe music and who want to let everybody else know which bands touch them and why.

Most of these music blogs also have an irreverent style, which is something that to many encapsulates the concept of youth music ever since Elvis requested they left his blue suede shoes alone. This blog is a fine example of all this. It has thorough information on both mainstream and emerging artists, and all the usual aspects like new releases and future gigs is featured for you to take into account and act in consequence.

There are actually no shortage of blogs like this, but another one does not harm . especially when it is as entertaining and carefully assembled as Che Sing The Cool. Che Sing The Cool Blog

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More – Where Film Buffs Get Their Fix

  • June 29, 2008

eInsiders.comEntertainment Insiders is the essential companion to the flick-inclined single lady or lad: take a look at this news site to discover the latest DVD and movie theater releases, read reviews and get the chance to enter contests to win films. But there’s a lot more to eInsiders.

com: listen or watch to some industry professionals in audio/video interviews discussing the films they’ve produced, directed or starred in. Interested in the numbers? Don’t miss the ‘Box Office’ section to discover some striking figures where you’ll learn what the most expensive, profitable or seen pictures in the history of cinema have been. Not at all and rather learn the inside scoop? Roll over to that bit of the site to find out what the people at the movie studios are thinking of, what projects your favorite actor or directors are up to, or what scripts of interest are being filmed. But the site is not just about mainstream film and blockbusters: some film festivals get coverage as well, so if you belong to the indie film buff denomination, Entertainment Insiders is still a respectable source of fix.

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More – SF Independent Media Center

  • March 1, 2008

Indybay.orgIndybay is a network of activist groups, and what the site aims to do is to provide an independent source of news for the San Francisco Bay Area, which fosters freedom and diversity. That’s for the big words; for the smaller ones, Indybay.

org is a news portal that presents bits and pieces of news that you hardly come across in the larger media, but the kind of news you’d get from a local blogger with some social outlook. One of the greatest advantages about this site is that all the news are neatly categorized into topics, so that you can comfortably browse over the gender, animals, anti-war, environment, education, racial justice news mainstream media so adequately ignores. Like in traditional media,’s news coverage includes text, images and videos, and users are encouraged to submit their own materials to the site. Also very interesting about this site is the huge index of links to related independent media and activism initiatives around the world, so if you are interested in any kind of project and you need a little help from some friends, try this site as a starting point: it’s bound to take you places you probably haven’t heard of.

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