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  • May 17, 2010

Yoomoot.comMassive online discussions are two a penny. They always start as something interesting and before you know it people have joined in en masse and discussing whether Iron Man is tougher than War Machine in a discussion that was about how to promote a brand on Twitter.

And even if that doesn’t happen and the conversation is kept focused, it is very boring to go back to the very first posts and start reading it all from the very onset.

That is precisely what Yoomoot is here to address. It will present you with a summary of any online conversation where its main points are highlighted in an easy-to-digest form. You get to see a main column with the pivotal question, and each ramification is explored in a section devoted to follow up questions.

The ones who devised the site made a valid point when introducing this service to me: “By facilitating genuine mass-conversations we open the door to mass-problem-solving and, ultimately, mass-decision-making”. I basically agree, and I think the site has got what it takes for making at least a few people stop and take notice.

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