More – Email Campaigns For Doctors

  • April 14, 2010

MailMyPatients.comMail My Patients is an email marketing platform that can be employed by healthcare professionals who want to engage their patients in a more direct way. Using it, marketing emails can be composed easily and sent either immediately, or scheduled for a later date.

When creating the actual mail, it is possible to choose from more than 30 different templates. And in the event none of these seems to suit your needs, you can always request that a custom template be made for you. You can send both HTML and plain text emails. And when delivering the mails, it is always possible to target specific segments of any of the lists that you have created.

Naturally, once the campaign has been sent you will be able to gauge its efficacy by way of the analytics that are provided. You can have an immediate appreciation of who viewed your emails and who didn’t, as well as who clicked what. And the fact that you can tie the campaign directly into Google Analytics just makes it all more familiar and useful.

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