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More – Real Estate Postcards that Get Sales

  • December 11, 2007

Realasponse.comRealasponse takes its name from the combination of real estate and response. As you probably can guess, the site is designed as a marketing tool for real estate professionals.

More specifically, Realasponse deals with postcard farming campaigns (e.g pictures and texts slapped on pamphlets). The site has developed a solution which joins something called visual persuasion principles or VPP with in depth content, prospect research, value offerings and mailing services all in one practical product. In an ever growing and increasingly difficult to succeed in business, Realasponse gets back to basics, offering tailored, through research, farming postcards. Real estate agents can customize their photos and information while Realsaponse does all the legwork, penning insider reports that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also informed. Prospects will really have a reason to call back and real estate professionals will make more sales. The prize for all this marketing savvy? At the top end we have $99 per month for the Lead Pro XL package; the cheapest pack is $139 for one report.

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