More – An Email Interface For Applications

  • October 29, 2010

Mailgun.netMailgun has been built in order to let people interact with their favorite applications by using their email clients. The premise here is turning email into an alternative UI for applications. Using Mailgun, developers can give any page or feature in their apps its own email address. This means that users of the application will be able to receive and send emails right from the app. They will also be able to search and forward them straightaway.

Technically, this is achieved by combining SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. And the company also uses its very own HTTP REST API in order to let people program these virtual email servers within their applications.

Mailgun can be tried for free, and if you think that such a service is what you need to take your application to the next level then you can sign up for any of the three paid plans on offer. Essentially, you will be charged based on the actual resources that you consume (IE, the number of messages that are received and sent). But bear in mind that a minimum monthly fee has to be paid in every case.

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