More – A New Way To Handle Mail Campaigns

  • March 11, 2010

MailFinch.comIf your current newsletter strategies are failing to engage your recipients, you might like to consider a change of tack. And that is what this service will let you do.

It is named MailFinch, and it basically lets you take advantage of technology to the full. Using the site you can upload any newsletter that you want to send out (as a PDF document), and the company will do two things with it: print it and have it mailed the next business day to the list of recipients that you have entered manually or imported via CSV.

Moreover, you can set up as many autoresponders as you want in order to give customers that little more attention which in the end might turn them into a loyal fanbase. For example, when a customer subscribes to a list you can have automatic birthday and anniversary greetings sent out for these events.

This service is paid on a monthly basis, and fees depend on the usage that you want to put it to. Three plans are currently offered: “Freelance”, “Small Office” and “Enterprise”. They are upgradeable and downgradeable as you see fit, and in each and every case letters are printed in 28lb paper.

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