More – Easily Manage Customer Email

  • December 3, 2008 is the easiest way to manage customer e-mail.

Using the site, anyone can centralize e-mail operations and assign individual missives quickly to the correct person or department, speeding up response time and improving company image with customers.

As e-mail comes in to your inbox, you assign it to the appropriate recipient. Collaborative notes let you comment on individual messages in-house, while tags and custom saved searches, and associated alerts, help you categorize messages for quick reference.

The site supplies templates to keep responses uniform. A central dashboard gives you an overview of mailboxes, recent activity, and account usage. Analytics give you a deeper look at your mail flow, like when the most mail comes through and how fast responses are.

No long-term commitment is required; you can even try it for free to see how you like it. Paid plans run from $19 per month to $124 per month (the top level allows unlimited use) for three different usage configurations.

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More – Luxury Items For Your Home

  • May 26, 2008

SeattleLuxe.comIf you take pride in your home and want to fill it only with luxury items you might want to see what has to offer.

This online store features only the very best and brings customers a large selection of only the finest items for their homes. The site has products both for inside and outside of your home, so you can give a good impression to people even before they walk through the door. For the outside of your home you’ll find beautifully crafted gazebos, trellises, pergolas, and arbors, pick from many designs for mailboxes or even design your own if you’d like something extra special, get quality address plaques in a wide range of materials to compliment the style of your home, personalize your entrance by purchasing doormats with your name or a unique message, and even decorate your roof with designer weathervanes. For the indoors you’ll find a wonderful selection of fireplace screens and accessories, clocks and thermometers, practical and beautiful kitchen islands and carts, counter tops and butcher blocks, a wide selection of mirrors for all types of uses, and even shoe cubbies to keep your closet organized.

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More – Where Outdoor Living Begins

  • April 26, 2008

OutdoorDecor.comNobody sends postcards anymore, and if you want to start receiving some, a good idea is to get a Garden Gnome and attach a sign to it saying something along the lines of ‘Kidnap me’, and have the guerrilla art boys and girls have some fun sending you pictures of your gnome on unexpected destinations. Probably not your idea of a postcard, but certainly something fun to do; the good news is that by visiting this site, you can buy not only a garden gnome, but a variety of other home and garden décor, though you probably won’t have so much fun with the rest of the catalogue. is an eCommerce site specializing in selling elements for home and garden decoration, from where you can buy basically everything you might need: from shades to a doormat, and from wooden furniture to compost tumblers, plus note that there are lots of things to do as DIY projects, like accessories to create a mock walkway in your garden, or tools to keep your flower bed looking its absolutely best. In any case, the stock is so large and varied that it is definitely going to fit any taste and style; regardless of how classic or contemporary yours is, this site is a great place to find unexpected decorations. If you happen to be curious about the traditions a certain symbol or ornament belongs to, can help you too, as when you are browsing certain categories, you’ll get background information on the meaning and history of the item you are looking at; for instance, if you are taking a look at Gazing Balls, among many other things you’ll learn is that they were first invented in Middle-age Europe, though I was desolated not to find the gnome’s genealogy.

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More – Designs Of Mailboxes

  • April 9, 2008

MailBoxWorks.comThere are still people that use the mailbox to receive not only letters, but also bills and other sort of documents. Having a nice and secure mailbox at the front door of your house is very efficient and gives a touch of style to your home.

Since e-mails have become a popular way of communicating, finding mailboxes in the stores has become a little tough. Therefore you can find it useful to search for the perfect mailbox at You can find a large number of mailboxes, with different designs and prices, as well as commercial ones which are very useful for offices with a large number of employees. You can also find address plaques of different designs and you are able to order any of these online, after fulfilling the corresponding address as you would like it to appear in the plaque. Once this process is finished you will have your mailbox or address plaque within days at your front door. Chose the nicest mailbox to receive your correspondence and delight everyone that’s looking for your house with a beautiful address plaque.

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