More – Have Your Messages Follow You

  • February 16, 2009

Mail2.imThe idea behind this web service is really a simple but effective one, since through it you will be able to have your text messages, e-mails and IM communications put your way when you are not online. This is done by forwarding them to the last e-mail or mobile phone that you have used.

Twitter is also supported, and you can have your messages forwarded that way too.

In order to add accounts that can be used as forwarding destinations, first you must register. Once this has been dealt with, you can start not only receiving these communications but also answering them back. To do so, you simply put the person’s user ID or e-mail address as the first word of your IM back to mail2im. The message will be automatically forwarded then. A similar process (IE, adding “”) is employed for forwarding text messages.

Moreover, it is interesting to point out that there is no limit to the amount of accounts you can add. This is certainly a nice feature, and one that gives this solution an edge of its own.

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