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11 Ways To Make Direct Mail Marketing More Appealing To Customers

11 Ways To Make Direct Mail Marketing More Appealing To Customers

Increase your chances of customers actually opening up your mail with these tips.

Read More – Sending Mail From Ireland

If you live in Ireland or are visiting there and you want to mail a package or a letter then you should check out the site and see if it will be helpful for you. You get to do a lot more at anpost then just send packages from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. You can also get licenses, tabs, passport photos, and so much more. They have things that they can do for you if you are a personal or a business...

Read More – Manage Your Inbox

Contactually is a tool for making the best out of your email contacts. This new application can go through your inbox, and by looking at who you email more often figure out who your key relationship are. And then, start prioritizing the messages they send you, so that you never miss a single important email again. What’s more, Contactually can remind you to follow up with leads, and also with any kind of contact that could let...

Read More – Send Letters Online

You can write the warmest of messages on your best friend’s wall for his birthday, but nothing beats sending him a letter. Even if the words you write are not as effusive as the ones you could write on his Facebook’s wall, it’s the fact of sending him something that he can touch, smell and feel what counts. And if you don’t do it, if you don’t send him a letter then that’s simply because walking to...

Read More – Get Feeds On Your Email

Keep this service in mind if you’re ever using a computer that has limited connectivity and you just can’t access all the sites that you usually visit. As its name implies, Feed2Mail will let you remain updated on all the content that is posted on such sites via email. All you have to do is to point the application to the feed URLs of these websites you want to keep a close watch on, and supply the email address you want...

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