More – Sending Mail From Ireland

  • August 22, 2012

If you live in Ireland or are visiting there and you want to mail a package or a letter then you should check out the site and see if it will be helpful for you. You get to do a lot more at anpost then just send packages from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. You can also get licenses, tabs, passport photos, and so much more. They have things that they can do for you if you are a personal or a business customer. Make sure that you stop in or go on the site and see all the services that they have.

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More – Manage Your Inbox

  • March 21, 2012

Contactually.comContactually is a tool for making the best out of your email contacts. This new application can go through your inbox, and by looking at who you email more often figure out who your key relationship are. And then, start prioritizing the messages they send you, so that you never miss a single important email again.

What’s more, Contactually can remind you to follow up with leads, and also with any kind of contact that could let you take your career forward. The idea is to let you stay on top of all these relationships that could play a somehow important role in your professional life. And Contactually does just all the hard work for you. It can synchronize your email contacts to your CRM, so that all your relationships can be captured at once.

And it must also be mentioned that Contactually can be put to more personal uses. Since the application connects your email inbox with your Facebook account, it can ran remind you about birthdays and other important events.

Contactually works with all email providers, and also with all mobile devices. You can start a free trial just by signing up with your email address.

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More – Send Letters Online

  • January 21, 2012

NotesToFriends.comYou can write the warmest of messages on your best friend’s wall for his birthday, but nothing beats sending him a letter. Even if the words you write are not as effusive as the ones you could write on his Facebook’s wall, it’s the fact of sending him something that he can touch, smell and feel what counts. And if you don’t do it, if you don’t send him a letter then that’s simply because walking to the post office in the snow just to have the letter mailed is too much to bear. It’s OK, it’s understandable. Nobody would point fingers at you. Yet, the time for excuses is coming to an end. Now that a service like Notes To Friends is here, you’ll never risk catching a pneumonia just to send a letter to a friend again.

Notes To Friend lets you write a letter directly on your browser. You can write down whatever you want using the provided editor, and then fill the actual envelope. When that’s done, the company will have the letter mailed for you. And it’ll charge you just $1.49 for doing so.

That’s the basic pricing, at least. If your letter is longer than two pages, then you’ll be charged an additional $0.20 per page. If your letter has got more than 10 pages then that’s costing you an additional $1 on top of the $0.20 per page.

And if you want, you can remove the logo that the company places on the front of the envelope for an extra $0.10.

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More – Get Feeds On Your Email

  • October 25, 2011

Feed2Mail.comKeep this service in mind if you’re ever using a computer that has limited connectivity and you just can’t access all the sites that you usually visit. As its name implies, Feed2Mail will let you remain updated on all the content that is posted on such sites via email. All you have to do is to point the application to the feed URLs of these websites you want to keep a close watch on, and supply the email address you want updates to be delivered to. And that’s the extent of data that you’ll have to submit. You won’t be asked for anything else, you won’t even have to register or create an account. You’ll be able to repeat the process for as many sites as you want to remain on top of.

And if you’re unsure what the feed URL for any site is, then that’s not a problem. Feed2Mail can guess it just by looking at what little info you might have. It has got a really cool auto-discover feature that can figure things out really fast.

And Feed2Mail is even better if you download and install the provided Chrome extension. It comes at no cost, and it will let you have interesting sites captured the minute you first set your eyes on them. No need to open a new browser tab, you’ll get them saved in one click.

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More – Work With Your Email

  • July 27, 2011

ccLoop.comAs commonplace as it is, using email for collaborating with the different members of a team is not really an ideal scenario. There’s no way to ensure that everybody will read the messages that are being sent at the same time, for example. And it’s quite commonplace to forget CCing someone when sending out vital files, and having to resend messages. Which can put a serious spoke on productivity’s wheels, not to mention wear the patience of all the people who are part of the team.

Enter ccLoop. We can call it a smart mailing list builder. If you use it, you’ll be able to create a “loop” around any email address, and bring all the people being messaged into the same spot. All team members can be contacted at once by sending emails to that loop, and files can be shared intelligently. A web interface makes for accessing docs, images and videos with zero effort.

CcLoop is just one of many applications that make for maximizing what can be done with email. There’s plenty more to check if you like this service. Take SenderOK, for example. It’s yet another powerful tool for doing more with email inboxes, and a great place to begin your search for more email-based productivity tools.

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More – Send Shorter Emails

  • July 5, 2011

Shortmail.comThe concept of email is mutating by the hour into something that is better-suited to these times in which micro-sharing seems to have captured the imagination of people. Platforms like Facebook mail are leading the way into the future of how people communicate, with its streamlined approach and the absence of elements that while important are not vital for conveying the experience in question. And now a service like Shortmail comes around to make things even more compact.

Essentially, Shortmail is a communication platform that limits messages to 500 characters, and that does without attachments and elements that can be potentially distracting.

As a service, Shortmail is available for iOS, Android and mostly ever popular mail app currently in use. And both access through IMAP and POP3 is supported to the same extent.

If the above sounds interesting and you feel like giving this service a try, then you will be glad to know that such a thing can be done for free and without even having to create an account first. If you have a Twitter account you already have a Shortmail account, and you can use the service right away.

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More – Free Web Based Email

  • February 19, 2011

ContactMail.meCan you cast your mind back to the days of old webmail, in which interfaces where completely basic and you were seriously limited in terms of storage capacity? Because this site is going to take you straight back there. And if that sounds a bit like a damning introduction, then I am afraid that is because it is.

Contact Mail Me is a service that belongs to a bygone age. It is a webmail solution that has a truly rudimentary interface (which is good if you want to keep things really basic, but Hotmail and Yahoo already do that while not looking like something out of a museum), and the service is wrapped by some tools like a calendar and a virtual HD. This virtual HD is probably the most egregious thing about the whole service, being limited to no more than 15 MB.

Of course, all that is provided at no cost. Like anybody was willing to pay for something like this…

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More – Notify People You Have Emailed Them

  • January 21, 2011

MailBeep.comMailBeep is a notification service that makes calling someone up in order to let him know you have sent him an email a thing of the past. Using MailBeep, you will be able to inform the person by text messaging him.

Such a thing is convenient in more ways than one, as not only is sending a SMS faster than calling people out, it is also much cheaper. And the fact that you can send the SMSes themselves straight from your email account makes for typing them out even faster. Besides, any text message that you send through MailBeep can have up to 459 characters, and the ones who receive them will be able to reply straight to your mobile.

MailBeep is a paid service. Both monthly subscription plans and pay-as-you-go plans are provided. In both cases, you are given the option to buy packages amounting to 100, 500 and 1000 credits. And you can send text messages to an unlimited number of email addresses.

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More – Groupon Deals In Your Inbox

  • December 22, 2010

GrouponGroupie.comGroupon Groupie gives you the chance to get all the deals posted by Groupon on a single day straight in your inbox. All you have to do is supply your email address when prompted.

A service like this one will be immensely fulfilling for those who travel a lot. I mean, they will be able to know all there is to know about these deals which apply in the cities they visit frequently. And even those who never go very far can benefit from Groupon Groupie – they can learn about the offers which are available in neghboring cities, and take advantage of these.

In any case, it is important to point out that the site highlights all the available deals on its main page. You should sign up by furnishing your email in order to get the best out of this service, but if you feel like seeing how deals are presented to you once you have signed up for the service then giving the homepage a mere look will do the trick.

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More – A New Disposable Email Service

  • November 30, 2010

Pepbot.comIf you have never used a disposable email service before, this is as good a time as any other to get started. Pepbot makes it easy to get acquainted with the whole concept. It will let you get a ra[email protected] address that you can use to avoid being spammed.

And Pepbot comes with a very cool feature for the confirmation of links, IE one of the main motives people have for signing up for disposable inboxes in the first place. You see, Pepbot can take care of automatically scanning any incoming email and clicking on all the relevant links for you.

In this way, signing up for any new service is cut one step short. And while that step which is cut is nothing heinous, it is something that takes time you might not really have. When you use Pepbot, everything will take place in the same page, and it will be dealt with in a single move.

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More – Send Email Newsletters For Free

  • November 24, 2010

TinyLetter.comThere are more than a handful of companies that will let you create an email newsletter and have it delivered to everybody and his wife. Yet, in the vast majority of cases we are talking about companies that charge a fee for the services that they render.

That is not the case as far as Tiny Letter is concerned. This startup will let you have an email newsletter created and delivered to all and sundry. You simply assemble the publication using the provided interface, and then you tell people to subscribe to it. Those who do will begin receiving it in their inboxes, at the frequency that you set.

This is a service that will mostly appeal to small business owners and individuals who are just getting their companies together, IE people whose budgets are limited. They will be able to start getting the word out on what they do, and they will not have to spend a single cent to do it. Not bad for starters. I mean, look elsewhere if you need some mildly advanced features. But if you are just beginning, this will do.

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More – Email Services For Web App Developers

  • November 1, 2010

PostmarkApp.comPostmark is a brand-new service that any app developer can use to ensure the correct delivery of transactional mail. That is, such individuals can rely on this service in order to ensure that all the mail that is connected with the applications they are building will reach its intended recipients, without them having to worry about setting up and maintaining any kind of server. That is taken care of by Postmark. All the user must do is to drop the provided API code into his app.

When doing that, he will automatically become able to send and track email delivery. A clean interface will let him know about all the activity that is taking place, right as it is happening. He will be able to see all the emails that were delivered, the ones that were labelled as spam, the ones that bounced… If any vital communication did not get through, then he will know all about it before it is too late.

Anybody can sign up for Postmark and send 1,000 mails for free. After that, he will be charged $ 1,50 per mail. There are no setup fees or running costs to be paid for the use of this service.

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More – A Gmail Client For Mac Users

  • October 31, 2010

SparrowMailApp.comSparrow is a brand-new mail client for Mac users. It is quite lightweight, and it has one very distinctive feature: it works only with Gmail. In practice, this means that people who use Sparrow won?t have to deal with the typical POP and IMAP issues that have to be seen to when configuring any other email client. That becomes a thing of the past when using Sparrow, since only one service is supported, and that service is Gmail.

As a client, Sparrow comes with some very cool features like letting you manage multiple accounts at once. And the interface is very economic – you have five main buttons (inbox, starred items, sent items, drafts and trash) and nothing else. You will be able to use Sparrow within minutes of first having downloaded and installed it.

That is done at no cost, too – you can download the latest beta release of Sparrow on the site, along with all the pertinent documentation just in case you get stuck when trying to get its advanced features to work.

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More – Say Goodbye To Annoying Mailing Lists

  • October 22, 2010

Unsubscribe.comUnsubscribing from mailing lists manually is so frustrating and time-consuming that most people simply delete the emails when they hit their inboxes, and keep on doing that until the end of time. Thankfully, somebody came up with a solution for that predicament, and that solution can be found at

Unsubscribe is a service that will let you add a button to each and every mail that you get from that point onwards reading “unsubscribe”. This means that the next time you get a mailing list that you’d rather not be getting, then you just bang that button and the mailing list will be zapped from your inbox for evermore.

Both Gmail and Outlook are already supported, and as it is only appropriate Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL are also meant to be supported before it’s too late.

Using this service unlimitedly comes at yearly cost ($ 20); the free plan is limited to five unsubscribes per month. These should be enough for testing the service, and seeing how useful it can really turn out to be.

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More – Cleaning Up Your Inbox

  • October 14, 2010

FindBigMail.comFind Big Mail is an application that will let you have a tidier Gmail account. Generally speaking, what this (free) application does is to analyze your inbox and categorize all the emails that are sitting there so that you get to realize what is taking up the most space.

This is done by applying one of these three label: “My big mail”, “My really big mail” and “My ultra big mail”. And a report will also be generated just to make sure that you understand how judicious you are really being when it comes to the mails that you receive and decide to keep for posterity.

Find Big Mail is not only a free application – it is also a very easy-to-use one. The whole system is activated in a three-step process in which you grant Find Big Mail access to your Gmail account. And it is important to note that such a privilege can be revoked whenever you want. Find Big Mail will automatically stop having access to your inbox the moment you cease using it.

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More – Resending Filtered Emails

  • October 5, 2010

MailNuggets.comMail Nuggets is an interesting service that enables you to filter parts of emails before they are delivered to another person. The idea is to let you share emails with others, without actually sharing information that might be too sensitive or too personal.

Also, a service like Mail Nuggets will give you all the peace of mind you need for sending an email to an account that doesn’t really seem that safe to you.

In all these cases, Mail Nuggets will empower you to have the message pre-filtered, and the information that the other person should not see removed. What will remain is the essence of the message that has to be conveyed, or punctual information such as “John Smith is arriving in half an hour. Meet him in the hallway”.

This is done by letting you set down a lot of parameters that will then be used to process the email before having it put your recipient’s way.

Additionally, using Mail Nuggets you will be able to receive emails as text messages right in your mobile. These will be sent along with the filtered email that was just described, and they will let you see exactly how effective the whole service is turning out to be.

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More – A Search Extension For Gmail

  • August 24, 2010

CloudMagic.comSearch results that update themselves as we are typing are the future. Google has already begun implementing them, and they certainly make life easier for users.

Well, this new browser extension brings that very same functionality both to Firefox and to Chrome.

The act of installing this extension (which is named Cloud Magic) will result in a new search box appearing in your Gmail interface. This search box will enable you to search for anything you want within your inbox, and be presented with results that are updated as you are typing away. You will also be capable of previewing messages (and even entire conversations) in a mere click.

The main asset of Cloud Magic is that the tabbed system it employs makes for copying and pasting information from one message to another something really smooth. And the extension can be procured and used at just no cost, too.

Eventual updates will include support for Google Docs and other mail providers like Yahoo and Hotmail. Of course, that will depend on how well-received this service is by Gmail users, but I see no reason why it would meet with apathy – it’s free, and a real timesaver.

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More – Send Physical Letters Using The Internet

  • July 27, 2010

Self-touted as “your online post office”, 1hrmail is an Internet service that you can use to mail a real letter for just 99¢. In other words: it is a service that makes sending a physical letter something as easy as sending an electronic mail.

All you will have to do is fill in the content that you intend to send out along with the pertinent contact information using a supple interface for the letter to be ready and mailed within one hour. Letters are mailed Monday to Saturday from 9am to 3pm PST. And letters can be sent internationally, too. Extra postage will be charged according to the destination country, and (whenever possible) the letter will be sent via First Class mail.

In this way, those who use this system can keep in touch with loved ones without having to worry about buying stamps or having to wait in line at the post office any longer (not to mention making the actual trip there when the weather resembles a tropical storm).

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More – Coupling Twitter With Email

  • March 31, 2010

TweetToEmail.comBy now, mostly everybody is on Twitter. However, there are people who remain aloof to the phenomenon.

And while that is respectable, it can also be problematic when you are sending out a tweet with information like an updated time to meet and so on. How could you let that friend or friends who are not on Twitter know about the way plans have changed without having to contact each one individually? Easy. This service takes care of that, and in a time-effective way.

In principle, it will let you send tweets straight to anybody’s e-mail address by merely adding a hashtag to the tweet. This hashtag tells Tweet To Email to send the tweet to a group of people that you have individualized beforehand.

It is as simple as that, really. Nothing out of the ordinary, but something that can keep the frustration of contacting people individually a true thing of the past. And that likelihood is increased since all the major email services on the market today such as Gmal and Hotmail are fully covered by Tweet To Email.

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